Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday Finish!

Happy Sunday Morning to you.   I hope you are all safe from the weather elements. It snowed here Friday night around 5 inches here where i am.   Then again last nite another inch. This is the first time in YEARS i can say... i am tired of snow.  

I am so excited to show you my Saturday finish.   I have fun fabric... a totally fun chart to stitch.   (of course i believe all of Paulette's charts are FUN to stitch.  

This is ...
Stranded Jacks
Plum Street Samplers
Paulette Stewart
1 out of 5 squares

What a cut lil guy!!!!!

Look at the fabric.... 
36 count Burnt Bronze
and it is made by 
UNDER THE SEA  fabrics
One down.... now 4 more to stitch... this is sooooo fun.  And i just love the way it looks.  The facric is soft to work with and the color is just perfect!!!  I am off to start the second block!
Keep crossing those stitches... 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I think i have a BIT of a problem...

Is there such a thing as a 12 step program for needle minders?   Giggle. 

Ok... so i have showed you all these wonderful little needle minders that Kim makes... oh my goodness.   I had to have a butterfly... and of course another dragon.. oh i am in so much trouble.  Kims work is beyond what these pictures could ever show.  She is amazing ... and talented.... and so extremely nice to work with.  Her creations are made fast....shipped and packaged safely. Please take the time to lookbat her Etsy shop and take a look at her goodies. 
The needles tuck under the base.. and are held by a strong magnet.. and the character   of the dragons show thru.  Their little eyes... i just think they are adorable. 
This is my blue dragon... and i need to think of a cute lil name for him.... i just love him. 
You can see in this picture that my daughter ordered a dragon necklace... WOW!!!  It is large and so cool looking!

I wanted to end with this picture... this is a dream of mine... i would love to have one of these hand made bowls... i have looked and looked and the prices are sooooo high.I am hoping to be able to afford one of these.... i thing it would be so cool to place this in the middle of my dining room table and place my smqll cross stitched pieces in it... maybe do seasonal pieces.  It is a dream of mine... maybe one day. 

good night all... i hope you each have a wonderful valentines day... and keep crossing those stitches... 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Package from my Secret Stitch Pal

Today it is cold and dreary in Kentucky.  We have had snow showers off and on most of the day.  We are to have another 1-2 inches tomorrow. I am surrounded by snow and Ice from our last big snow "event".  I am very frustrated and want warmer days. 

As if that is not enough.... On the way home last Tuesday... My car just died and left me stranded on the side of the road.  After being sick for over 3 weeks with the flu.. Double ear infection... Viral bronchitis... And then walking pneumonia... I was afraid of being trapped with no heat like that.  Almost 3 hours later... The tow truck pulled away with my Clifford red Durango... Otha's been to 2 shops and finally on Friday they let us know it was sensors and the fuel pump... I should have it again Monday as long as all goes well... I am trapped with no car. 

So today I have been a bit down... In my mailbox was this fun little package from my secret pal! 

Look at the pink silks... Oh my goodness... Absolutely beaut-t-ful!!!!  Oh and the blingy needle minders... Oh my goodness... I just LOVE BLING !!!!!
I won't know who is sending me the gifts in 2014 until some time in December ... I am soooo thankful for her present it lifted my spirits on a pretty bad day!  

Just had to post my goodies!!! 
Take car... Hope all are safe and warm.