Friday, May 8, 2015

Just an update..not able to stitch

Wednesday April 29th i had the surgery on my elbow. It was for tennis elbow that i have been treating for near 2 years now.    I have since found out that the surgery was way more involved.  The surgeons have told me that the tendon was near torn off.  They went in for a tendon release... Ended doing a tendon re structure surgery.  The have cleaned and cleared the elbow... And stretched the tendon and tacked it to the back of my elbow... All I can say is...OUCH!!!!!  This has been the most painful surgery I have ever had.  They are telling me that I am going to be taking more time to heal... But they will have to see how therapy goes.   I am scared to do much with it... I am afraid that it will be hurt.  I have no grip and I have to still think hard to get my fingers to move and my hand to grip and release.  It is almost scared.  The pain is the worse part... Omg... It is extreme. I was told it was painful.... But did not imagine this.  

This is almost one week from surgery... As the huge bandage/splint came off.  I had a terrible time with swelling so the wraps came off a few days early. 
Right before surgery I was on Ebay and won this little cutie... I am hoping to fix it up with a special pin cushion and load my stitch goodies into it... I have wanted one for so long and this allowed me to get one... I can not wait to get the elbow healed and start using my new toy!  
I am going to end my post with a proud mom moment... 
This is my 2 babies... They ran in the 5k race that was part of the events for The Flying Pig here locally. This was my daughters first... And my sons 2nd race... But the more important part of this is that they did this TOGETHER!  They motivated each other and finished this race together!!!  
My daughter at the last minute threw together pink tutu's for them to wear... We are going to add to them and make them even fuller for the next race.  
Way to go guys!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!


Angela Tucker said...

Good morning! Found your blog this morning, very nice! Congratulations to your little ones, first for working together, second for finishing the race. I love the pink tutus!

I hope that you are back to stitching soon. My husband had about the same type of surgery on his shoulder last February, torn tendons, torn bicep, and they put in anchors. He is still in therapy, but finally getting back to normal. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. He felt the same as you, the most painful recovery he has ever had. Hang in there.

stitchinpeanut said...

Thank you so much for this... I have been so down... The pain is just terrible. Thank you for a good story for healing ahead.

Catherine said...

Hope your recovery goes quickly! Congrats to your kiddos ~ great job!