Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello Ladies...



I want to start out with AWESOME NEWS ... we found out that all is very well with the grandbaby... and that it is gonna be a .... drumroll please.... G I R L !!!!! Megz says that the name is going to be... Abigail Lynn Francis. She is ADORABLE already!!!! We have ultrasound pics galore... and in one of them... she is shaped like a little bunny... it is so cute. Mez is just as cute as she prepares for her... we went out the night after the ultrasound and HAD giggle to buy a few things for her... She is gonna be sooooooooooo spoiled... it is NOT going to be funny!!! This is Megz blog... and it has one of the ultrasound pics on it there... She has Megz little nose... I can NOT wait to see our precious Abbs...
On to stitchy stuff...

A FINISH: Last weekend I finished this was one of my UFO's i had in my basket... I started it last year... and just put it up... I have a goal to finish 4 UFO's this year... This is UFO #1. Megz is here with me while I am typing... she just giggled... and said "4 UFO's... snicker... that is Funny! " SmartARRRRSSS. She made comment that several of the 4 would be ornaments... HEY... Ornaments count! Giggle...

Anyway... This is a chart by Sheepish Designs... Betsy 108th Expemplary. I stitched it with the DMC flosses that it calls for. On the sheep... I switched out some of the colors and did a LOOP stitch to make the sheep look fluffy!!! I love it! I am so glad that I finished it... I hope to get out this weekend to find the PERFECT frame.



The first one is Hallow Eden by Plum Street samplers.. I have bought the Crescent colors it calls for to stitch it with. I have a WDW fabric to stitch it on! I am excited about starting this one!

Lizzie and Kate

Halloween Rules...

first 3 releases... I am stitching this on a 25 count fabric over 2 threads to be able to make a large banner style hanging... I have the DMC flosses gathered for this so far.



This first group was bought at Keepsakes in Cincinnati... This was a road trip for my best friend ... my daughter and myself. We always have a ton of fun going to Barbara's shop! I fell in love with the model she had stitched... and had to but everything for this progect... now to start it!! Just 10 stitches... and it is started! LOL!

First pic... Look at my cute little stork scissors... My daughter found them... and we all fell in love with them ... so 3 pair goes in the bag.... They are SHARP though... wow! they hurt when they poke you! This is a picture of all that I bought... Look at the pre-made needlebook and the little pin cushion ... TOO CUTE!!!!

I also bought some fabric for my hoot chart... How fun!!!

The Owl Chart was NOT bought in this trip though... I just took it to get the fabric for it!

This is the stash that I bought from Terrie at The
Stitch Store... Well... I will keep you all informed on my progress on each of these.

Keep Crossing those stitches!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NEW CAR- New to Me anyway!

I have been waiting for almost 3 years now to get a Durango back again... Here it is... It is a 2006 Dodge Durango
4.7 V8 cyl
4 WD (for the snow)
Electric everything...
3rd row Seating
Dad calls it the "Booooog Mobile"
It is used... but is in GREAT condition.
Dad already has the money set aside... Next addition for this one is... Tube Step bars... a sunroof... and fog lights on the lower spoiler on front.
I am so excited about this ... It is SWEET!!!!!!

My waiting Paid off!!!!
I have a good man that likes to take real good care of me!
Thank you Baby! I love my Red Monster!

Updates... a Finish... Stash...WIP ... UFO's.... Alot of Pics

I am probably going to have to do 2 posts... but want to get some GOOD NEWS and some Upbeat Posting in for a change... I want to start by showing you the Christmas Gift that My Dear Hubby Gave me for Christmas.. .I have wanted one of these caskets for a LONG LONG time... Now I have to choose the Chart to go inside this beauty.

My DH had a small plate made for the front that Says...
Peanut is my nickname that he gave me back when we were first dating... it has stuck with me for 20 years now! He thinks of everything! I think he is a keeper.
Look at how the inside is made... This is SOOOOOOOOO NICE. What a treasure to pass down thru my family.
This Box was made by Barbara and Her Husband who own Keepsakes Cross Stitch in Cincinnati, OH
What an AWESOME job they did... Thank you Sweetie... and Thank you to Barbara for helping him with this Heirloom!


This is Boris by Plum Street Samplers. This is a Shop model Stitched for Terrie at The Stitch Shop in Buford, GA. This went out in the mail today towards GA. This is a FUN FUN FUN stitch... and is absolutely gorgeous finished. I also did Olga too but this has already been sent.

WIP's and UFO's:
Blackberry Lane Designs
The Journey to Bethlehem Ornament...
I am doing this over one on 28 Count Monks Cloth, and am Very impressed so far at the coloration that has been chosen. I cant wait to see more of this completed.

This is Paridise Lost
My best friend and I have been working on this one for quite some time... I love the verses... and the bottom pictures... I am hoping to get this one finished this year.
Close up of the bottom section of this piece...

This is a Lizzie Kate Snowman Ornament... I have just started this one... and try to stitch it in between and at work.


I have just used some bonus money and bought some charts that I have been wanting... Look at the goodies... Yeah!!!!!
I am going to post another post in a few minutes showing you some more things... There are too many pictures in this post already. I will be right back!