Thursday, October 16, 2014

Some finishes.. cross stitch and craft.

Hello all... i want to start by showing a pic of this years ornament exchange for my family Christmas Party.   This will be my second Christmas party with my dads family and it is still pretty awesome.  I just like being around them.  I have made this christmas tree out of felt... what do you all think?  Do you think they will like it?  

Then second... i wanted to show you my Just Nan mouse.  My dd and i both stitched these little mice... and i finished both of them for us.. i added beads to the lil broom.  They are complcated to finish but worth it... they are adorable. 
 Thank you for stopping to look.   
Have a great week... 
Keep crossing those stitches.  

New charts bought!!!!!

I had sooooo much fun.   Last Friday evening... my DD, my bestie(my sister from another family )  and myself headed to our local cross stitch shop for her fall sale and cookout night.    Oh my goodness what fun... what fun.   We wend to Keepsakes in Sharonville, OH.   What a good time... wine... food... charts... stitching... talking... and laughing.   It was such a good time but it almost always is when i am with my bestie and my dd.   She has free chart buckets... and they are a blast to go through and get some goodies... that is always a treat.  The shop owners  bith cater to us that nite.  Barb welcomes and gets us settles.. keeps everyone cared for and glasses full.   Her husband grills the best grilled chicken known to man... omg it is so good.   All i can say to both of them is that they are way more than shop owners... and treating people to this type of evening is just amazing.   Of course then there is the %off of everything in stock... so i do have to end this post wih a pic of my goodies. 
Thank you for stopping by and looking...