Sunday, February 3, 2013

February block LK SAL

As several have said... Where did January go?   It has rushed through our fingers.   I have completed the January block Ready for Snow... And attached the pics of it. 

For February's block i am starting Snowed In. 

I am so thankful that i jumped in on this project... I am loving the way that it is looking.  Placing them all in one piece was just perfect. Thank you to the ladies that are a part of his SAL. It is just wonderful to see your progress and be a part of this group. 
Until March 1st... Have a safe... Warm... And fun month full of many crossed threads.
Take care ladies.

Friday, February 1, 2013

January's block

Tonite is a cold cold night here in KY.  We are forcasted to have several inches of snow this weekend.  I was going to go to our LNS for the Super Bowl sale... But it doesnt look as if i will be doing that. 

I am hoping to post tomorrow the February block completed... It is just a few stitches from that now.  I have had so much trouble wih a stomach bug ... Right after... I started to get the congestion and now i have a lovely ear infection.  This has just compleyetly drained me and I cant seem to stay awake long enough to get as far as i would like.  I am very tored of feeling bad. 

tonight i am posting Januarys block completed... I am loving his piece more and more wih each completed block. 

Have a safe... Warm .... Weekend full of frogless stitches. 
Take care....