Sunday, September 30, 2012

Things that make you go... OUCH!

I meant to post his in the previous post... this is the lovely bruise that I was left with as a souvenir from my Endoscopy last week...
This is where my IV was and wow does it hurt...and my throat is still sore and I am a bit concerned about that but it is better each day. 
Thank you all for stopping by and looking through the glass at my life.   Have a great week!


This is LizzieKate Halloween ABC's.  I had a COMPLETE BLAST... stitching this.  I made the mistake of getting this frame at the well known chain HL.  The color of the frame and style could NOT BE MORE PERFECT.  BUT... this frame was made wrong... they tred to over charge and change the total of the bid... I did all the lace work... I will NOT allow someone else to keep ahold of my piece.  THEN... after being at the sstore for well over 2 hours... I leave with it just framed... there was no glass even though I ordered glass... BUT the frame was not deep enough for there to be glass too.  I was DEVASTATED... but with me not working yet...  I just couldn't spend the extra on a better place to frame it.  I am so upset.  It still is  pretty... but I just wish it would have gone smoother.
Have a great night and keep crossing those stitches. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A finish for an exchange

I have not been doing much stitching the past few days... not been feeling the best.  I have seen some of the others post their finished exchanges for our Tiara club retreat that is next weekend. 

I stitched peeping tom and finished him in an Altoid can... I have never done this before so it was an experience for me.  I hope my person likes it... it has a small scissor holder in the main part of the can with a small pin pillow... In the lid... I have some wool felt so that needles can be stored....I worked pretty hard at understanding the dynamics of this... Oh I hope that they like it.   How do you think it looks?  I don't want it to look bad for this exchange. 

Thank you for stopping by to look have a great night.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cincinnati Comic Expo

Saturday, I had so much fun ... my son and I attended the local comic convention... We had a blast... we looked through and bought comic books... we met the artists... was able to see just how creative people can be with their costumes.  We was in line before they opened and stayed into the evening and even wished we could afford to go again on Sunday.  They had announced that Stan Lee was going to be at the Columbus OH comic con next weekend... wow THAT would have made this day!  As a much younger person I was a comic book reader... so this just was so fun for me to turn back time in my memories.  A day spent with my son is always a good day. 

Not much stitching done this weekend. Have a good Sunday.

Monday, September 10, 2012


BAAAAA ZINGA!  My dh brought home with him this evening my pumpkin spice kisses... OMG... these lil things are SINFUL!
Take care guys!

Updates... new stash... and a finish!

Friday night was stitch night at Keepsakes in Cincinnati.  I didn't get much stitching done... but enjoyed talking and catching up with everyone.  I was able to buy a few things I wanted and a few I needed.  An the other Tracy brought the most WONDERFUL candies... I am searching for them now... PUMPKIN SPICE KISSES!!!!!    OMG... they are wonderful!   I have posted a picture of the charts I bought... of course I bought part 3 to the LizzieKate piece.  And winter of my Blackbird series.  I want to place that series on my 2013 "to do" list. :)   I bought a cut of fabric for one of the halloween ornaments in the new jcs magazine.  How fun! 

A FINISHED PIECE:   This was a Sunday Spooky SAL from San-Man originals.  LAST Halloween ... I wanted it hanging this year on my all season tree.   NOW... to complete the finish work...and hang it to enjoy!   This wwas stitched over 2 on a 25 ct grey linen.  It turned out pretty cute. 

Saturday we went to a neighbors house for a pig roast... wow that was different... yummy... but I had never experienced that before.  It was nice to relax and talk to a few neighbors. 

It is a wonderful day here in KY... sunny and cool... fall feeling.  I just LOVE FALL!!!!!!!! 

Have a great day... thank you for stopping by. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

All that's left is the beads...

Good evening all... i hope your holiday was a great one...  It rained all day here... and other than grocery shopping and fixing a large meal... we did not much of anything. 

The new JCS Halloween special edition mag has some of the best designs. I had to start the monsters as soon as I could gather the supplies. I am starting he boy monster tomorrow.
This is BLUE MS. MONSTER by Mosey 'N Me.  It is in the Annual Halloween Issue JCS Sept /Oct 2012
The matching boy is in the Special Collector's Issue... Called Blue Mr Monster.  He is so adorable with his sockies.   I have the ms monster all completed but for the beads for her eyes and then the one pumpkin eye.  THEN...  I have to make them into ornaments for my Halloween tree... How fun!
Have a great evening... and thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finishing another completed piece.

You know at 42 years of age... it never ceases to amaze me just how ugly human nature is. The past couple years there has been some pretty ugly people surrounding me... whatever the motivators are for people to look a person in the eye and still lie... and just be ugly they are not excusable.  I hear several blogs write about the days gone by and wanting life to slow down.  In my opinion we have traded a mans word... and general kindness for the fast passed life where we are constantly running... never home and living life with our FF button depressed.  We all need a slow down... and a time to just relax.  I sat last night thinking about the past few years and how hard they have been.There are some days that I could easily be a hermit and seclude to my house... connections with people and a tan are a bit over rated.

I showed you all pics of this completed stitch piece ... I decided to get the finish work done so that I can display it this Halloween.  This was a fun piece to stitch and even more fun to finish. This is the first time I have finished a triangle piece like this... but it was fairly easy to do... and I will probably do it over again.The bows on the side have the little black cat glass buttons that I fell in love with on the side. I have wooden balls on the bottom to life it up WHAT A GREAT PIECE! The fun I have had with this piece re-sparks how much fun stitching is for me...
THANK YOU TO BARBARA ANNA DESIGNS for creating this alleycat quartet piece.
Take care and keep crossing those stitches.