Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best friends...

I have never had 2 dogs at one time before, and am hoping to have them both get along.  There has been se eral little tifts but so far I hope it is going well.  We want these two pups to be best buddies... 
Here is a clip of their nap time... they did this on their own...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last Saturday my best friend, my daughter, and I took a road trip to Shelbyville, Ky.  The Needles Nest had a superbowl sale.... we got 10% off flosses... 30% off all else... and 50% off any one item

We had a blast and found several goodies. After the sale we went to chik fila for lunch then went to get daisy. And of course STARBUCKS. I will show you some of my goodies that I bought at the sale... the Jeanette Douglas..was my favorite piece and I got a large cut of Meado Rue at 50% off ... I was very happy. I am trying a pair of these mini sissors that my daughter just loves she has several pair of them and is addicted to them bad. I thought I'd try them. Now I need a fob to go with them. Hint hint.


This is HARLEY QUINN like in Batman.  She is a fullll blooded bull mastiff.   She is a few weeks younger than daisy but so faris making a good lil friend for daisy.
Twice puppies... wow we must be insane... completely. 
So far they are both being good girls... but we will see how this plays out.  HARLEY is gonna be a giant we HOPE.  I have never had 2 dogs in a house before... so we will see how this goes.

So far they are both doing a great job.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daisy..Daisy...give me your answer do...

... Im half crazy all for the l ove of you!"

Posting today to introduce our lil Daisy Belle.  She moved in last Saturday and is a complete doll baby.  She is an English Bulldog, and is 19 weeks old. she seems to fit our family very well.  the first time I saw her... she ran up and wrapped around my legs JUST like my coco did all the time... maybe coco told her to do this.  :)  she is a ham... and wants our attention every waking moment.   She is being a good girl... but she snores soooooooooo loud.  Wow... put her... my son... and the dh in one room... shew the noise level is huge. 
Welcome Daisy... we are tickled you are here with us. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My friend/sister,my daughter, and I went to Keepsakes Cross stitch shop in Cincinnati OH on Saturday for her super bowl sale.  what an aw)( fabric cut for a new La D Da project and all but 2 of the flosses needed for that... 
After all the fun at the shop we went to a JoAnns that was moving and had huge sales... then we went to Red Lobster fo lunch.... well dinner too.   wow what an awesome day!!!! 
Great times...cross stitch... and yummy food that is what it is all about!