Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Request- Can anyone Help!

Well maybe I am on a "Wish Granted" HIGH... But I am hoping that one of you girls will help me! I have wanted this chart since I have first seen it!

With Me being unemployed and the job market being what it is... I do not see this chart as something that I will be able to get any time soon, and maybe NEVER! The price is way out of my budget ball park even for a Christmas Gift. The DH and I have vowed not to buy for each other with the cash flow being low. We are focussing on the Kids and the family! There will be time when we are financially better to get things for each other!

I emailed Silver Needle since this chart is one of their exclusives to ask if they would be selling this as a chart only or Chart and beads together... to make it affordable and they stated that they were NOT and that I could hope to find the Chart for re-sale or to be gifted with it! They did suggest that I try to go in together with several friends and seperate out the supplies best we could and to pass this chart along to each other when finished. This would be near impossible to split up like that... and several of my stitch friends do not want to buy this for the simple reason that it has been made so un-affordable for all. So much effort to try to get it... and no one is interested.

So... Here is What I am asking you all... Would any of you have this chart ONLY not the kit... I could never touch the expense of this kit! If you are finished stitching this kit and are wanting to SELL the chart portion ... would you please email or post to this so I can get in touch with you! I really REALLY really like this chart... and it is so sick in the head to want something this bad ... It is SOoooooooooooo pricey!!! and I just can NOT afford this kit right now... but Could possibly afford the Chart. I will at a later date buy some fancy pins for the top!

Please help!

This is a Silver Needle Exclusive...
Merry Fifteen By Just Nan

Look at all the cute little guys on this biscornue... I have thought of what all I could sell even to try to gather the money to get this kit... but it is a "WANT" and I promised myself I would focus on the "needs" for now!
If any of you could help with re-selling this chart ... or even an exchange for something I might have if you can give me a wish list... I will see if I have anything that we could exchange... please let me know! I would be forever in your gratitude! I have an email button in my profile please email me or comment to this post!
Thank you for listening and looking at my wishes!!!!

Wishes do Come True!!!

I Have been involved in a Christmas exchange group and have to show you the WONDERFUL gifts that I received from Marie P. at

I say Wishes do Come True because I had just posted my want for one of these cute little Annalee Elves... and here it is! Thank you so much Marie. I just can not tell you enough how much I love this little elf! With me being unemployed I just do not have the spare cash to invest in "wants" instead of "needs" You have granted a huge "WANT" for someone that you have never meant! This is HUGE. I just can not believe that I have it !
As if this little elf was not the big blessing for the gift... she also stitched me this WONDERFUL candle mat! Look at this ... I took several pics of it and could not truly capture how adorable and how well it is finished! Wow! I feel like Christmas has arrived!

She listed this as:
Chart By: Prairie Grove Peddler
Titled: Little Candle Mats- Snowmen
stitched on : 30 Ct Alma
Here we go again... There is MORE...
See now I am Bragging... (giggle... but I love it all so much!) Look at all my goodies together...
My Annalee Elf, my wonderful Candle mat with a yankee candle and a glass candle holder, Red Pearl Pins, Dmc Needles, Snowman Fabric, Red Sampler Floss, and a Snowman Kleenex holder filled and ready to go!
THANK YOU ... Thank you!... Thank you!
Marie... Thank you from the very bottom of my heart! You have blessed me a great deal today! I hope that I am able to bless my recipient like this.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mixture... Ornament Exchange... and Winning

This post is a mish mash of things... that I have not been able to post until now...

This first is the Ornament that I made for this segment of the Ornament Exchange... I know that this person has received this ornament so I can show everyone my finish!
I fell so in love with this little stocking... that I really battled sending it out to her. I have already started one for my tree! ;)
This went to Carole... and I thought of her each time I picked this piece up to stitch it and wished her the best of days! This was stitched on a Mystery Scrap of fabric with Mystery HDF silks. Mostly silks from the Detrius Bags that I have received!
Designer : Hands To Work
Chart : Christmas Stocking Ornaments
This next one was the ORNAMENT that I received ... Marie sent me this lovely little package... I was so excited to get it out of my mail package...Look at the cute little Snowman card on it!!!! AWE... I love it!
OH... But wait... This is even BETTER.... THIS is what was INSIDE that cute little package with that cute little snowman card... Creme de la creme... Look at this ornament!!!!!
Designer: Blackbird Designs
Chart: Quaker Medallion Strawberry
This pattern featured in the 2006 edition of JCS Christmas Ornaments.
LAST but certainly NOT least... is a Winning! On the HDF sight Barbara posted a contest with 3 LOVELY thread counters... I WON one of them... and is was the EXACT one that I wanted!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Look at this lovely counter...
I have taken soooooooooo many pictures of this and can NOT get the TRUE quality to shine thru. This picture does NOT do this piece justice... It is just lovely with little leaf beads... and the colors are so delicate... and so pretty... It has 2 needles at the other end one for counting the fibers in the fabric and the other to place in the fabric every 1- stitches... to be sure that I keep my place. I have already had the chance to use it and LOVE IT!!!!
Thank you so much Barbara for this lovely prize!!!!

October 30 - November 1 - Halloween 2009

This Halloween My family went to Big Bone State Park for their Halloween Fest. In the past they have had so many activities... and planned so much fun things for us to learn. Like one night late... a bon fire and an OWL walk, another night just smokes by the rec center... then there was the Ghost Walk that we always did... for SEVERAL years we have looked so forward to this event!

THIS YEAR however... there were NO special events that were like this... the "ghost walk" this year... was every one meeting in the rec center.... and watching a lap top of the findings that they had in the past there at the park. My dd and I both stood there waiting all bundled up for the long walk thru the park... and everyone left and there was NO WALK... I do NOT call this a GHOST WALK... I call this BORING!!!!!! But here are some of the pics that we took of the night!

On Friday before we left ... it was 73 degrees and we were packing ... I went over to my mom's house and as I opened her screen door... I was stung by a bee... I am allergic... so this was not good!!! I was swelling and feeling pretty bad. But determined with Benadryl that I would not let this ruin my time! Then the DH locked his Keys in his truck at work... so we got off to the park about 2 hours later then we planned... WOW ... what a day! That night was High winds... and hard rains... and brought in with it a COLD FRONT.

The next day temps were in the 30's another COLD camp trip!!! BRRRRRR!!!!! Campfires are so awesome when it is cold like this though!!!

My DD had to work that day but was off in time for the park trick or treat event! Here she is dressed up at her work that day!!!!! Isnt she a pretty lil pirate!!!
After the trick or treat here are my lil monsters (well not so lil anymore!) going through their candy... what a HAUL!!!!
Because of the cold weather... my dd took off the lil pirate costume and went as Medussa with snakes in her hair and a pink toga over her winter jacket!!!!
My DS went as a BONE MAN... with a bone mask and all!!!!!
OH... and the DH ... he went as a evil CLOWN!!!
These were our pumpkins that we carved earlier in the day on the back of my DH truck tailgate... all lit up to greet the little guys as they came around for their candy... we sat right in front of this tailgate in chairs... It was fun to see all the costumes!!!!
This is a pic of my DS earlier that day... carving the pumpkins... See if we had smell-o-blog software... or feel-o-blog ware... you could see that the hand in the front has some of the pumpkin guts all over it.... he was trying so hard to SLIME me with that stuff!!!!! How fun!
Here he is being a good boy and keeping the pumpkin stuff to himself!
Happy Halloween everyone!

October 16-18 Camp Wildcat! pics galore!

I have not been able to post in a while but still want to share some things with you ladies...

October 16-18 we camped at Levi Jackson State Park in London, KY (one of our favorite campgrounds) We attended the Civil War re-enactment of Camp Wildcat ! WOWOWOW!!!!
If you have never been to a re-enactment... and you like history... you need to go! It was soooooooooooo Cold the day we went.. Cloudy and a high of 31 degrees... and we all had a blasst!!!!

Several large cannons on the South and the North side started out the battle... this was not that far away... and was so intense... to feel that cannon fire in your chest go off...
This is the memorial stone that is laid now to mark the area the stone next to it lists the many men that laid down their lives at this battle. It is so sad to think of this!
This was the North starting their battle with cannon fire
This is a Northern troop caught to far over in the Southern battle line as they chased him out... That horse is just absolutely gorgeous!!!!
OK... here is My lil baby... trying to keep warm with a cup of Hot Chocolate!!!! They fooled us and put them in Starbuck Cups... Wow that made me want Starbucks even more!
Showing the men fallen in the battlefield
North is making their way up into southern field area
The start to the end of the battle... the sound of them honoring the brave soldiers for both North and South forces that bleed and gave their lives that day so many years ago!
This is a picture of the Southern camp hospital... this table showed samples of actual instruments that were used.... down to the way the pain killers were made...Horse hair for stitches... ect...
Look at those Bone Saws.... WOW!!!!
This was down the main fair of the Southern Camp... those preparing and warming before the battle!
There was a position for all... young and old. This lil fella was so cute!!!!

Again... This battle was both educational and very entertaining... they celebrated the spirit that we had and the lives that were sacrifices that were made there on that very spot! That you to all the re-inciters that are part of the London, KY chapter that worked hard on making this battle what it was!