Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stitch and Frame... Ft Wayne, IN

Ok... So after we completed spending a wadddd of $'s at Vera Bradley... We had tons of time and my friend Debby had found a cross stitch shop... So off we went!!! This little adventure took us over the river several times and thru the woods... Stuck behind a stopped train... Singing and dancing to HAPPY... And then we arrived... 

Here is my temptations from the day...
Look at the models... The threads... The fabric...

The front sign... And what you will need to look for if u are in the Ft Wayne area... This was a great shop... Warm... Helpful... Comfortable to be in... Please look them up... And if you are reading Dawn... Thank you for a wonderful time! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Vera Bradley weekend.

This weekend was the yearly Vera Bradley sale in Ft Wayne Indiana. So Friday late in the day my best friend, my daughter, and I  with a jumbo Starbucks Chai Tea latte in hand... hit the road... Indiana bound. We arrived late in the evening to get some dinner and retire to stitch together in our room while watching the weekly dose of Grimm, and Hannabal.  What a comfortable evening.  
Of course the  5:30 alarm  screamed WAY too soon... And off we headed towards the war memorial coliseum.   The line of "Vera-ites" were already growing... And we stood watching the sun rise shivering and drinking coffee.  
The doors open and the staff welcomed us and ushered us into a room of goodies just waiting to be bought.   I had a budget ... An allowance of sorts... So I tried to stick to my budget... And I did ... For the most part... Ok a little over but still very happy with mt new treasures. 
I am having troubles getting my pics to load right... If you click them they should open so that you see the entire picture... I am sorry ... But I can't seem to get them to work. 
This is my daughter and me waiting for the doors to open on the colorful cloth world of adventure!

This is my best friend and I... A day of fun... And memories to add to my bank of good days! 

If you look behind the dd... Wow zeros the hoards of people with treasures in hand making their way to pay... Shew! 

This post would not be complete without showing you the many goodies I brought back ... What a fun day!!!!!