Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long time since last post- loads of pics!

Hello.... everyone! Life has been soooooo busy with the new job... Daughter starting her Senior year... dd old bf troubles... and new bf, and still wanting to be with the old bf and OMG! I am sooooooooo gladddddd I am not 18 years old again! WOW!

I will start out my post with a demo that I stitched for Terrie who ownes The Stitch Store.
This was Rosewood Manor's Lighthouse Biscornue... and WOW I do believe it is the Largest Birscornue that I have EVER stitched!

It has a little pocket built in for these tiny cute lil scissors!

This is a pic of all the pieces before they were assembled and it took almost an entire bag of stuffing to fill this biscornue! It is so large but absolutely gorgeous!
Here are some Flea Market Finds from our camping trip for July 4th weekend! we went to Rough River area and had a blast!

Love these little chickens... I have a 3 of the large ones and if they were not soooooo expensive I would have an entire kitchen full of them. I LOVE them!

This is a picture of the ornament that I stitched for the last ornament exchange. The person I sent it to decided not to post a picture of it so I did... wanted all to see... and the pics do not do it justice ... the metalic fabric is catching the flash!

I will probably have to close this one and open another and post the rest of the pics another day. It will only allow me to post so many at a time! So I will show you more here in the next few days!
Have a great night!
and Keep crossing those stitches!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Updates... Tons of Pics

Life has been WAY TOO BUSY here the past few weeks... well over a month... Preparing for Prom... and starting a new job. Buying a New camper and getting it ready... and everything else that life hands us. I have been working on a few ornaments for exchanges that I am a part of but can not yet show you them. I have also been working on The Lighthouse Biscornue By Karen Kubla as a shop model ... so I can not show you this one either.

BUT... I CAN show you a little of my life...

First of all... I was at Michaels the other week and look what I found in the Clearance Section...

Each of these were marked $19.99 I could not believe it... and Grabbed them QUICKLY... The replacement bulbs for my lights are more that that ... So I had to buy these... I just could not believe it!

PROM !!!!!
Megz and her Date AJ... They looked soooooooooo nice! and the flowers that he brought for her were absolutely PERFECT!!!! What a night to remember...

There were SO Many pics... I just included a few...

This last shot shows the make of the dress ... it was a Mermaid cut and Laces up the back WOW it looked so nice on her... I almost cried!
I dont think that there is any way I could post a finished piece along with these pics... NOTHING I do in life will EVER Equal my baby girl... and my little Man(my son) ! My kids are my life... and I THANK GOD daily to have allowed me to take care of them. God Has blessed me with the very best kids and I am so very very very proud of them...
For introductions into the Cloyd Family...

THIS... is ELVIS... aka "stinky" and is already a Camera HAM! He is just a few months old and is eating is weight in Crickets and Meal Worms each day! He hangs on EVERY word Megz has to say!
Here he is ... On his favorite STICK with his 2nd Favorite Lady! He is such a HAM!!!!!

LOOK at the Pose ... He needs a Bow TIE and he could have taken Megz to the Prom... and would have had a blast running ALL over the place.
Will Post more later! Take Care all!
Keep Crossing those stitches!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It has been such a LONG time!!!

I want to start out by telling you ... I GOT A JOB!!!! that is where I have been... Wow be unemployed over a year and try to go back to work... SPOILED is what I have been! so the last 2 weeks I have been so tired that I have been going to bed around 830 or 9 each night... I just have NOT been able to keep my eyes open! BUT... I think I am gonna LOVE this job! I am working as a front desk receptionist for a local company, but am back up in AR and AP. I am LOVING the work! Learning a lot ... more and more each day... but so enjoying it all!

Now for a little of my stitching updates...

The projects that I have in my rotation right now...

  • an easter project that I need to finalize and send out to my exchange person... this week.
  • Prairie Schooler - A B C's
  • Barrick Samplers - Hannah's Ship

I have just completed 2 DEMO stitching projects that I sent out to
The Stitch Store (Buford GA)

I am also Becky's Ornament Exchange
This What I recieved for Round one of 2010- From Lynda

It is a Primative Betty's Freebie!!!! But I am so very proud to add it to my little collection of ornies... What a Talented group of stitchers are there! Thank you so very much Lynda... I love it!

Thank you to all for their kind words and their support while I have been unemployed and trying to get a job. This has been such a challenging year... and I feel now like I am in a better place than I was originally at the company that I was laid off from! That is AWESOME!!!!
Thank you God for EVERYTHING!!!!