Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday nights finishes!

Friday night after getting home from work. I started some weekend chores... And as some laundry was washing... I grabbed both my Just Nan Christmas mouse... And my daughters.  They have been stitched and waiting on finishing. 

My eyes were a little tired from a day at work entering order after order on the computer.  In just a few hours... I have 2 lil mice sitting there just as cute as can be.  I am tickled wih how they turned out. 

NOW... To start he little bunny... Just nan bunny is next.

It is sunny and near 50 degrees today... But a snow storm is said to be on its way to us... So tomorrow will be a different story.  They are calling for rain changing to snow... With an ending forcast of 1-5 inches.  Not what i would call a snow STORM ... But snow non the less.  Oh spring... please get here!

Take care all ...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A very special gift...

My best friend gave me a gift she has beeen stitching for me for quite a while now... I had to share it... And it does NOT do yhe piece justice.  The nose and eyes  are stitched with glisten gloss... So they look wet... And there is a sparkle to the sweater... It is just gorgeous.   Now... I must save to frame it... I cant wait for it to hang in my house.  Just hought i would share his precious gift... And thank her for this heirloom... And for all her hard work. 

Saturday Adventure.

I have been saving to get some of the new releases.  Saturday... My best friend(sister), my daughter, grand daughter and I drove to keepsakes in cincinnati Ohio. We had a BLAST there more than 2 hours looking at all the goodies.  She had a huge 50% off bin... So we had a ton of fun rooting through that.  I am including pictures of what i bought.  

I decided to start the sing a sampler series from silver creek samplers... It is adorable. 

I also bouht some fabric for my spring project of the LaDDa tottin Hare. I will post some pics later of it.  I bought a large piece of tin roof from weeks dye works. How fun is that.

Before we went we atr breakfast out then went to starbucks.  Oh yummy... Starbucks!!!!!!!    So i was all set to shop!

Then after we ate lunch at penn station.  The weather was wonderful... Air still crisp... But it was warm and sunny.  I need that sunshine so badly.

Hope the sun is shining for you today.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LK SAL March update... snow... And oogie on the loose!

Just a quick post to show my LK SAL progress...

I usually love snow... But this year I am work hin with the weather.  This is my fist year in near 20 years that i have worked downtown.  Dealing with the slush... The snow... The drivers... Wow. It is time for spring.  I am excited for sunshine and warm days.  Last night we were hit wih a snow storm... Some channels locally were saying up to 14 inches... But we ended up with about 5 it was pretty... But our winds were bad... And even howling.   And he roads were pretty slick heading into work this morning. 

I also wanted to post a pic of Oogie Boogie.... He has settled into my work dest real nicely.  He makes me chuckle. He is from the nightmare before christmas movie... And is just adorable. 

Have a great night ladies... Take care... Be safe... And keep crossing those stitches.