Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Starts... and Some Finishes!!!!!

Fall is HERE...
STARBUCKS is now serving PUMPKIN SPICED LATTE. It what seems like a short minute... the leaves are starting to change... and some are even falling off the trees. We had a cold snap last week... and it was a wakeup call to mother nature that another season of warm was drawing to a close.
But Did I tell you.... STARBUCKS is once again serving
I met my friend yesterday and we stitched at Starbucks while my daughter was working I have some photo's to show you for today. Guess what I had to drink???? WOW you gals are good!!! How did you ever know!
FALL... It is usually my favorite time of year... the cooler weather... the leaves falling... it has always been my favorite time to stitch... not to mention that halloween charts are my Favorites!!! then there is the fact that the breeze of winter is close behind. This year has had so many thing take place... I have not been able to stitch and enjoy it! This year has been filled with trouble... the last year hurricane storm that hit my area doing so much damage brought with it nothing but bad! It all started a few weeks after the storm hit. It ranged from damage to our house... downsizing at the company i worked for meant lay offs for me and several friends (we are all STILL unemployed) then making new friends only for them to leave the area, and the loss of an old friend who died fairly suddenly. The loss of what I THOUGHT was a friend... or maybe that one is for the best... I found out her true side... and would not have chosen this type of person as a friend anyway. The list goes on and on... but needless to say ... I am finding it hard to stay focused on and excited about my stitching. That upsets me... it has always been my way to release... to wind down from the day... and to let the stressers of the world... float away. I have also not been able to camp much this year. At our frist big trip my daughter was rushed for an emergency surgery... and this has set our year behind a bit. We were not able to do some of the things that we had planned this summer ... and cancelled several camping trips. I feel like all I want to do is park the camper at a local campground and stay in it away for everything for a few MONTHS... well maybe not Months... maybe YEARS!!!!! ;)
Dont get me wrong... I stitch... just dont enjoy it as much as I have in the past... it is linked to so much bad that happened to me this year... and that leaves it hard for me to right now to even do! I am sure time will heal all... it usually does! But lesson Learned... and I will not go back down that road agian! Some people are not worth the heart ache!
This year has also meant the loss of a dear stitch buddy that was fairly close to my age... and that has made my heart very heavy too!
I did stitch this weekend... with my dear Friend (sister seperated at birth) Debra ... at Starbucks... and have some pics to show you all!
WOW... did I tell you all... Starbucks is once again serving Pumpkin Spiced Latte???
This was what I worked on at Starbucks...
a stocking from the 'Tis Halloween Book from Black Bird Designs. This was a FINISH!
Just Nan- Halloween Tin - BOO!!!!
This was last years Tin... and was very easy to finish... and looks so cute.
I did the finish work on it Friday- I didnt feel like stitching...
but wanted to do something stitch related.

Above is a pic of the top of it

Below is a pic that I think shows off the cute tin that goes with it!

I finished stitching this piece on Thursday

and now need to finish it into the long cube like I had planned!

La D Da

Something Wicked I know it is not much of a post today... but I wanted to touch base and at least show you what is going on in my world!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Of Course I CAN!!!! Pictures GALORE!!!

Yesterday... I spent the entire day in the company of some LOVELY canning ladies her in my area. I took a Day long class on Canning... the Do's and Dont's. Basic principles on Freezing... and Drying foods... It was from 9a.m. to 3 p.m. and we shared a wonderful lunch and I will do this again if I can!

It was offered throught our local chapter of Home makers... and our County Co Op Extension center!

Here is a picture of the 2 projects that I did... Tomatoes... with the basic Boiling Canning method... and Carrots with the Stem or Pressure canning method... this picture also shows the wonderful binder they gave us for instructions on each subject.

I HAD A BLAST!!!!! and I really needed to have a good time yesterday! BAD!!!
I have had a stitching friend burn me so incredibly bad this past month that is has tortured my very SOUL. I have had a TERRIBLE time even stitching... and really dont know what I am going to do about it! It had to do with some stitching that I did for her and her not appreciating it... and the things that were said and done were just OUTRAGEOUS. I have a good group of ladies that I hang out with and they have followed these happenings... and have come to my aid... with kind words for me... and with suggestion on how to handle things... but I am just very lost with all of it. I hope to be able to pull myself up out of this and brush myself off and continue stitching. I tried to pull out a fun project... but the WANT to stitch is just not there right now... resembles .... bamboo shoots under the nail... WOW!!!!

I started this little chart from La D Da... and it has been fun! that is what I am focussing on right now... FUN!!! Here is my progress...
I also wanted to show you ladies a few pics of one of my birthday gifts... Just nan Tin... it is a new release... and WOWOWOWOW!!!!
It is ADORABLE!!!!!!
Look how nice the tin is ... the colors are so vibrant on this tin!!!!!
This next part of the post... I am going to BRAG for a bit and then post a finish... Now that we know both have been recieved..... I can safely do this.....

My daughter and I both signed up for the Round 3 Prairie Schooler Exchange and these were pics of what we stiched... assembled... and sent out!

This first picture is of my 17 year old daughters project. I am soooooooo very proud of her. She has only been stitching a short while... but has become VERY addicted to it! This is the flat fold that she sent out to the person she was assigned... and I thought she did a SMASHING job!!!

I have several Pictures that are if the project that I have completed for my exchange person... but when she posted and had assembled them all together... I loved the way she did it... so I am using her picture to show them all at one time!
Thank you for posting this LOVELY picture!

I wanted to end my post today with a picture that several friends have send me... they are claiming that this is me in the morning.....

... and a 2 fisted cup of coffee... does not sound too bad right now! Have a Great day Ladies!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Giveaway...

Girls... Take a look at this giveaway and at the Awesome Blog. I have been following her blog for a while now...

Good Luck!