Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cross stitch project and Abigail's things!

Holy Moses

Silver Creek Designs

Last Saturday when Meghan and I headed for the Zoo... we stopped and found her crib, and then started for the Zoo and it started to STORM... so we went to Keepsakes in Cincinnati... There I bought the 25 Count Evenweave in Potato so that I could start this project.

We ended up at JoAnn's too and bought the flosses needed so I could start it.

I worked on it this weekend... and Look!

This is fun... but it is gonna take quite a while to finish!

Friday while we were out... we went to Babies R Us... and I found the SOFTEST Fuzziest TURTLE blanket... it was so awesome... Abigail had to have it! That is all there is to say about that... I spent a pretty penny on this lil blanket... but she Had to have it!

I also wanted to show you the set that Meghan has chosen for the baby room... It is called Jungle Jill... and has all the Jungle Animals... It is adorable!!!!!

That is all for today... I have had to split it up in sections... but I wanted to show it all to you!

Have a great day... Take care... and Keep crossing those stitches...


The rest of the day... Eat at Joes

We wanted to sit outside... it was warm... but then the storm clouds rolled in...and the wind... and then the rain... then everyone outside... ran for inside... YEAH!!! fun... fun...
Here is Jake in the wind.. his bib was a cape... and he was SUPER CRAB!!!!

Strong defined super hero chin shot!!! What a clown! OK before.. he was just HUNGRY!!!! please FOOD!!!!
Here we are look behind us... at the river ... that is very very high for this area!
While on the Newport Levy... they had balloon clown guys... and Jake got Meghan a lil doggie... and Ta Daaaaa.. We found gummie sharks... her favorite.. she CRAVES these things... and she said they were the freshest she has had in a long time... she just went nuts over them...
Here is Meghan and Jake with the city line behind them... the river is so muddy and so high from all the rain.

This was such an awesome day for me... I had a blast!!!

The Newport Aquarium Part 2

The Penfuin Exhibit is just so Magical... and they have added a new area to it... and this is just so pretty... We have fice different types of penguins... and they are all so pretty. We are said to have a new one... but he wont be out for another month or so... Here is the interactive performance that they have for the kids... it is pretty cool!

OK... well... spider????? or Crab???? he is wierd looking isnt he.... wow!
This was so pretty and so brite... and orange... pics dont do justice.

I love the sea horses... they are so cool!!!

We have divers in the shark tanks and here you can see that they have one diver talking to the group and another as a body guard so that the sharks dont get to frisky... What an awesome experience.

I had a blast!!!

Thank you for looking ladies!

Newport Aquarium April 15th

The Newport Aquarium

Friday, April 15, 2011
Friday was the kids last day of Spring Break, so I took off work and we headed for the aquarium. They have a few new exhibits there... one is ...

14Ft American Alligator

Here he is in all of this glory!!!!

Then there is the Frog Bog...

Which I am sure is going to be Abigail's favorite place. There is tunnels and all kinds of learning exhibits... that are built low to the ground and close to the small ones eyes... It is so nice...

They have these Giant frogs in the center... that have buttons on their backs... when you push them... they make the sounds that they make... You can pose on them... Here is Meghan and Jacob on the frogs... They are so nice... There were several small schools there that day and the leaders in the school were NOT watching the that was a mess.
Here are a few of this exhibits STARS.... Aren't they cute little guys!!!!!


Here is Meghan's best Piranha face...
Here is Jakes best Piranha face....
This is one of my favorite pics... This is the little mud skipper... Isnt her a cutie pie... He looks like he has a smile on his face... He is a Happy Skipper.



Here is Nemo... he is rubbing the ANNNNnneeennnnomy!!!


Ta Daa...

The GREAT Giant OCTOPUS!!!!!

Wow he is a big guy... but he is sooooooooo pretty...

These are shots of all of us petting sharks in the shark petting area... WOW that is amazing... It is like Sand paper... Just like wet slimey sand paper
This little guy liked to sleep on his belly... and was in almost like a trance... it was wierd to see and to pet him like this... but he seemed to like it!

What a fun day... Memories with my kids... they are the best things in life!!!!!
Thank you Jake and Meghan for making my day so much fun!!!!

Zoo Visit April 10th

Meghan and I went to the Cincinnati Zoo on Sunday April 10th to see the new baby Giraffe!

At this time they did not have a name for her... and for BONDING purposes she was going to stay with her mother inside seperated from all.

When she was born... she stood over 6 FT tall and weighed over 145 lbs... LOOK how cute she is!

Iwanted to get some pics of Meghan pregnant for our scrapbook so some of these shots show this very well...

The flowers were in full bloom and several professional photographers were taking pics. They were gorgeous...