Friday, June 24, 2011

Framed Finish

One of my goals this year is to finish some of the UFO's that I have. Another Goal this year was to either finish or frame the completed pieces that I have. I am trying hard to get a few done each time I get a little extra.

This is Sheepish Designs

Betsy 108 Exemplary

I had the frame made at Hobby Lobby and I laced and completed the actual framing. I was scared about this when I went to get the frame the piece looked so close to the edges of the laced work and I did NOT think it was going to look right... But WOW the pictures do NOT do it justice... this is a LOVELY piece... and everyone that was there in the shop that day started to talk of how perfect the frame was for that piece. I am so tickled with this framed finish.

Thank you for looking and have a great day! Keep crossing those stitches...


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today in Kentucky!

Today is just gorgeous!!!!!

The gauge at the bank stated 80 degrees... but WOW it is just wonderful. The sun is shining... every once in a while it will pop behind a cloud and will look like rain... and around 11:30 this morning we had a brief like 3 minute shower.... but by my lunch break at 1 it was so sunny and with wind is pretty strong... it is a cooler wind blowing so I was able to get a Frappe... and sit in my car with the windows open and stitch what a WONDERFUL lunch hour! We have 4 blue jays that like to play in our front area where we park and they bounce between the limbs of the tree and sing... so lunch was so much fun today... Here are some lunch pictures...

I am working on Holy Moses by Silver Creek Samplers Over 1 with 1 thread of the DMC is calls for. This is a 25 count Potato fabric...

As you can see I was too caught up in those cute little blue jays and had to do some frogging... WOW frogging when stitching over one... is not fun!!!! OH and imagine that... I had to Frog my Frog!!! Giggle... it is the plague of frogs that I messed up on those darn frogs!!!!

Here is my Yummy Frappe... WOW these are an addiction!!!

See ... now here you can see that I am in the car... and there are my two lunch time friends... What a great day! Back to work all ... Keep crossing those stitches!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More pics of all the work!

We have been so busy getting everything ready for our new little family member ... she is due to be here around the first of August... We have had several dear friends helping us to get ready for her... and here is some not all of the hard work that we have been doing...
We have the Living room and the downstair hallway painted... we still have to do the coblestone at the fireplace...Here is the start of the living room NOT all of the Cross stitch is hanging here yet!

Here is the hallway and shows the coblestone up the one wall.
Now to more of the Paint Abigail's room day pics... This was the group of pics that I wanted to post the pics that were missing from the last post...

This is the paint fight I was talking about... They were having so much fun!!! They were cracking Stephanie and I up so bad watching them... You can see by the picture that I took it thru Abigail's screen window... How fun... Of course when Meghan grabbed the entire gallon of Paint and took aim on Justin... WOW... I had to say... WOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!! Gettum Megz!!!

Here is her room right after the paint was finished paint is not even dry yet!!! It is so bright and cheerful!!! I just LOVE being in this room!!!

This is all for right now... I want to add a post in a little bit showing you all the adorable things that we were able to find on out trip to Gatlinburg and London KY for Abigail... OMG there was so many things we bought... she is not even here yet and already needed her own suitcase... when she is here she will need a TRUNK!!!! Giggle!

Thank you again to all who helped us get as far as we are and have taken the time to help us welcome out new little bundle of Joy!!!

Lots of Pics- Abigails Room Getting ready

It has been sooooo busy here... Baby Abigail is JUST ABOUT HERE!!!!! We have been painting and tearing out walls... and getting prepared for her arrival.

I want to start off with a finish that I have just Mailed out to The Stitch Store in Buford GA. This was SUCH a Cool stitch piece... I had a blast stitching it and it was easy to stitch. The fabric she sent had a hue of pink in it... and was stitch over 2 with 2 threads of Old Red Paint Floss.
Then we go to ABIGAIL's FIRST Cross Stitch piece... This was picked by Megz on the Girls Trip to Columbus. Debbie Stitched it , Megz picked the frame... I painted the frame... and then laced and framed the piece... WELCOME ABIGAIL! Even with Cross Stitch. I WONDER.... Could that toy group "Lamaze" have a Q-Snap and safe needle for infants... giggle!!!


OK more drums... this is the big work!!!


(so far)
Her changing station... with Swing and Bouncer. We have been able to suite the bedroom with swing ... playpen and bouncer and then also the living room with all 3 so she has her basic care and entertainment needs in both areas...Her Bed... and playpen... and Megz Glider... Her Bed is one that has the conversion kit for a toddler bed.. then a youth bed... then a queen size bed adventually. It is a very nice bed.. and OH MY GOODNESS it is so heavy!!!!! But we wanted her to have a GOOD bed to rest safe and sound. Our precious lil Abz.

Jungle Jill is the theme that Megz picked out for Abigail... and you can sorta see here too the monitor that she was able to buy... It is a Motion monitor ... if there is any stop in movement while the baby is sleeping the alarm goes off to check on her... WOW that is so cool!

Look at the Mobile... it is a Giraffe Head that holds it... that is so adorable!!!

Look at her closet ALREADY... Clothes Galore!!!!!! and Toys Galore!!!!! Wow!

Thanks goes out to all that have given up precious time to help us get everything ready for our lil baby girl!

Meghan and Abigail had several friends that stopped by to help Meghan get the room painted and cleaned and ready for her baby furnature!!! Her is a few of them... These girls came over the evening after we painted and helped with mopping and cleaning everything up real nice and getting it all ready to move things into the room!

OK... so here we go... THIS IS THE BIG PAINT DAY!!!!

This is Stephy... she is Justin's mom and has been appointed by Meghan to be Abigail's other grandma. She has already spoiled Abigail so much... and think of so many nice things that have helped support Meghan through everything that she has gone through. Stephy We all love you dearly and THANK YOU so much for EVERYTHING!!!!!

While Stephy and I are painting away... we sent Justin out to start on the doorway trim... and we hear laughing and squealing... and giggles galore... OK so the laughing was Megz... the squealing and crying like a girl... was Justin. They had this HUGE paint fight... Stephy and I was cheering fromt he upstairs window.... It was so much fun to watch... they giggled and laughed... and she swatted him with paint... there was paint all over the place.

Here is the end result!

We vacationed over Memorial Day week... We went to London KY to stay at Levi Jackson State Park. One of our favorite state parks. We went to Gatlinburg for a day... shopped and ate too much... and then back to the campsite. We went to Cumberlin Falls for a day ... the water was seriously HIGH!!!! and then back and one day we went to the flea market there in London... we found ALL KINDS of goodies for Abigail... Here is some of Megz favorites!!!

Here is Jake and Meghan at Cumberlin Falls... You can sorta see that the water behind them is running fast, high, and muddy.

Here is Me and Meghan at the falls... and WOW look at that Water GO!!!!! It almost did not have any place to "fall" the two sections that are usually greatly divided were almost completely together. It was very strange to see.


Meghan's First Mother's day!

For this mothers day... Her dad and I gave Meghan the designer fabric to cover her glider to match her baby room. Then her Mamaw worked her sewing magic and covered the seat part of the rocker. This turned out just AMAZING!!!!!!

Happy Mothers day Sweet Baby Girl... and to many many more mothers day's to come!!!

See ... I think she liked it!!!!

At the End of April... My Best Friend(sister) Debby, Meghan and I took off for a weekend Road Trip!!!! We headed for Columbus... and had a blast!!!! Here we went out for Debs Birthday... RED LOBSTER!!! YUMMY!!!!!

Megz and Laughing at everything and then at nothing...

Here is the reason for Columbus... CROSS STITCH...

Cross My Heart

The shop is WONDERFUL and the workers are so helpful and want to help you ! We had a great time and it was so refreshing to once again be in a brick and mortor shop.

Thank you for stopping by to catch up with my life some... and I hope to post more pics soon... I have so much I want to show you ... so many exciting things going on ... just those exciting things do not leave a lot of time for me to post and tell you all about them.

Keep Crossing those stitches!