Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Finish... and a new start.

Happy Saturday! 
I will start off showing a new start.  
We went to a retreat last week with our local shop... i found 3 cuts of fabric for the cubes that i am making out of the small charts from the Lizzi☆Kate Mystery Sampler club chart.  They are such fantastic colors.  
The new start is for the HAUNTED small....i am stitching it on 32 count Relic with Weeks dye works Kohl floss.  
Then this is my finish... it is the SCAREY small chart from that same Mystery Sampler Club charts.  
This is stitched on 32 count linen and the color is SWAMP ... isnt that just so perfect... like a scooby doo movie.. Swamp!    I love it.  It is stitched with Weeks Dye Works ... Kohl floss. 
This is a major accomplishment for me with the elbow... i am tryi g to stitch to get that tendon moving but the stitching is slow going. 
Have a great Saturday.  
Enjoy your stitch time. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hinzeit charts

My daughter scraps from mom is looking for a series of charts.  She is wanting charts only and I believe she is wanting to see if someone would have them used for sale.  She is starting to get on a roll with cross stitch.  She just completed her LPN degree and starts back to school in the fall for her RN/BSN degree.   She was trying to get these started and kitted before she goes back to classes and clinicals again!   If anyone has these and are done with them... And would like to sell them....  Please let either of us know...

Thank you for looking for these for us... and for helping us with this. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mail brings a new chart... and a stitch update

The mail today brought this chart for me... i broke down and ordered it straight from Scarlet Letter's site.  I just can not wait to kit this and get started on it.  
Update on the PSS Turkey Sausage
This is starting to come together... and i am loving how it looks.  I love the colors and i think we chose a perfect down by the sea fabric.  I just love this piece.  Even with my arm still healing... i am making some progress.  
Thank you for stopping by to see what i am working on. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

PSS - Turkey Sausage progress

I am moving so slow... i am using this as a type of therapy.  My dr has told me to use my last fingers 3 fingers on that arm a little more and more each day to try to strengthen that tendon.. but when it starts to burn too much to stop.  So... i am trying to stitch and use those fingers.  It is going slow but at least i am working on it.   Hopefully i can finish this while i am off work.  Just wanted to update you. 

Thank you for looking. 

Plum street samplers
Turkey Sausage
Stitched on 32 count mystery cut of Down By the Sea Fabrics. 

A question for everyone....
i saw last year on some of the blogs a stitch along where each month a small kit was sent to each person involved with the supplies to complete the entire small project.  Does anyone know what this was... or if theyare doing again for 2015.. and if so where i can find the details out about it at?  
Thank you for helping. 
Keep crossing those stitches. 

A few charts for sale

These are the chart portion only of these kits.  They were used and stitched.  Dont even know how much to ask for them... please email me if u are interested and we can work it out.  Will need to collect for shipping for them also.  Please message me if u are interested.. they are only the chart portion of these kits.

Monday, January 5, 2015

A little bit of stitching...

I had a precedure done on my elbow the day after Christmas... oh my goodness... the dr warned of the pain involved.. but  i am still unable to straighten my arm.  I am trying to stitch some but it is going sooooo slow... and then that tendon heats up and not much gets done.  But i am trying.   I am out of work for a bit... to heal.  I see the dr on the 20 th to see if it is Ok to return to work.  I wish i could take a few months off.. i like being home and out os this nasty cold snowy weather. I will show you what i have been slowly working on.

On another note... a question for all of you who subscribe to the JCS mag... have you recieved you renewal yet?  I got mine today in the mail and was SHOCKED.  I am use to spending about $25 a year.. and at that price have had several issues that i have not exactly been happy with.  The renewal arrived today and 1 year.. 7 issues... $74.80.  This is crazy... and mite be time to go back to buying only the ones i want from my LNS.  I dont understand that price and can not justify spending this much on the subscription. Does anyone have any news on this... was this a mistake or a joke or something? 
Thank you for stopping in.. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Would anyone have a used copy of this chart for sale?

If you would have this chart to sell please message me with pricing.  I have wanted this chart for so long but have problems finding in USA at a price i can afford. 

Thank you all for looking for me.