Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Look what my mail brought.... oh i am like a fat cat laying next to a bowl of warm milk.  My friend Barbara makes the very best project bags... she sells them at her oine needlework blog.

these bags are made by Barbara ... and her blog is....

She is soooo easy to work with and will find the fabric you have in mind... her work is so amazing... neat... clean... finished edges... quality fabric... amazing threads and designs... i am adicted to thes bags.  My daughter is too. 

I have tried so many times to get this one to rotate... but i can get it to do it... please excuse this... i will try to attach another at the end.   This is my second batch of project bags... and i am just so simply in love.    
This is the little small bag to go with it... to hold my extras... BUT itbis just PERFECT for my fob kit or an ornament project... and and this is sooooo pretty. 
I had to show you the embrodery in the cat... the pattern is amazing.  This is a smaller bag... and is about 6 1/2 X 8 1/2
Look at the finished edges... thes bags are fully lined... she has taken all into consideration and gives you such a good quality and well made bag.  
And this is sooooo adorable... his was made for my birthday.... isnt he adorable... my lil stitching turkey... she showed me a couple patterns... and this was by far my favorite... and he is made just as wonderful as the others.  
My birthday turkey is just adorable... and is about 9 1/2 X 15 ... isnt he adorable????

This is my tribal halloween cat.  He is about a 20 X 20 bag for a larger project and couldnt be more perfect.  

A few months back my daughter and i ordered a bag a piece... and i wanted to show you guys those bags too
This is m daughters bag... look at how the fabric matches the colors in her steam punk dragon.  His bag s made with quilted fabric and is just lovely.  
It is about a 13 x 13 and is made so nicely.  
This is my first bag she made for me ... it is about the 13 x 13 size and the swirlys in the fabric match perfectly with the scroll work in he owl... itbis my favorite color of green and no matter how many pics i take it does not even begin to show how nice it is... 

If you have not ordered from Barbara ... please touch base with her... you will not be disappointed with the bags she makes.  She makes several other things too... and she mailed our bags on monday and they arrived today... that was FAST.    Please take a look and if there is a certai. Design u want that you dont see ... please message her.   She makes it all so easy... and wow you will be wanting more and more of them.  

Tha k you for looki g and keep crossing those stitches


On my birthday i took the day off work and started a special me project.. it was fun... and this is how far i was able to get.  

Autumn's Fright pin cushion kit
Shepherds Bush kit
bought at the finishing touch the weekend we were out of town.  

This is SUCH a fun kit and i am going to love finishing it... i am stitching it over 2 with 2 threads .  I will warn you if you do 2 threads u will need to get more green there is not enough to do all it calls for.  

This is the new store for The Finishing Touch in Louisville.  It was not hard to find.. but if you have gone to the old store this will be a bit disappointing to you ... my walk in closet is larger than this store... and there was not alot of available things to choose from.   For me this was not worth the 1 hour drive from Danvillle to Louisville.  But the ladies that were in there working were from the old store...and they were so nice and helpful you couldnt ask for better ladies.    I went to spend a ton of money and walked out with just a few things in a small bag. 
This is what i worked on while on the weekend trip to Danville..  this is the New Lizzie Kate Halloween series.  And it is a BLAST to stitch.   I am stitching it in the threads i calls for on a special cut of Down by the Sea Fabrics... is this not SOOOOO fun. 
I have another post to show you some very fun things so i hope to get it finished soon too.   Thank you for looking and keep crossing those stitches.