Monday, January 27, 2014

Update on UFO progress

I am not a part of any of the SAL's that are for UFO's this year but it is a goal of mine to finish some of the started but not finished pieces in my basket.

With me having the flu, I have not been stitching very much nor very fast.  I did in the past few days though start to work on my favorite piece.  I started this a few years back with my best kindred spirit friend.  her piece is finished... Lucky girl... My goal is to have mine hanging by years end.

This is 
by Midsummer Nights Designs
I am having some troubles posting the pictures... It is cutting them off... You can click on them to open them. 

This was where I was at  when I pulled this out to start working on it again on Saturday night.

And... Here we are just a few minutes ago... YES!!!!!  I have my daytime sky finished... And my angel completed... I think as I heal from the flu this is some pretty good progress.   The Dr. has me off work until after Wednesday... So that gives me another day to work on this piece.  

This shows what all is completed... Now to work on the right side words... I am near complete on that side... So hopefully that will come together quickly.  I just love this piece so hopefully it will soon be completed... Pressed... Laced... And framed!  

The bottom section of this piece was wo much fun to work on... And I love the colors used in this piece.  Thank you for looking ... I will keep you posted on the progress. 
Keep crossing those stitches,

Saturday, January 25, 2014

An ornament finish

I have not been stitching much.  I have been fighting the flu for going on 2 weeks now.   I have tried and tried to stitch but have not been able to i have felt so badly i have muttled through slowly and have been able to complete this ornament. 

Herald Angels
2003 JCS Ornament Issue
The Prairie Schooler

Thank you for looking... have a great night.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Prayers needed please.

Please all pray for recovery... i have had the flu for over a week now. Was at our local ER last Friday and left feeling like i was on the mend.  I have a good day and then a very bad day.  I have been out of work for 7 days now... and feel so bad about that.  The fever is gone... i am no longer contageous... but i can not get rid of the cough and i have an ear that is stopped and soundsnlike there is water on it.   It is so frustrating.  I just want to feel better.   I tried to go into work yesterday and my co workers said i looked like pooooo.  And was barking like a dog.  I just dont think it is right to cough this hard for 2 weeks.  I go to the dr once again today to see what he can do to help me.  I have been on an antibiotic... and several courses of sterrhoids.  I have an inhailor... and cough syrup...  i am so tired of being sick.  Please pray foe healing for me and my family they have caught it too but are bouncing back much faster.
Thank you all... stay warm.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Look at this!!!!!! Amazing needle minders found.

Ok girls... my daughter found these on Etsy... and OH MY GOODNESS  this is more than art.. the skill the detail.... the colors.. the touches of bling... these are amazing... i am contacting her today for mine.   I want one... or 2... oh heck if i could afford them i would have one of each.  It mite be a goal... she has necklaces... and needle holder containers too... these pics do NOT do this justice at all...  oh please stop by her etsy shop and see what all she has to offer.  It is Clayworks by Kim and can get ahold of her at 
Thank you for looking ... these are amazing.
Keep crossing those stitches...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Another quick finish...

ONE UFO FINISHED... i just loved the colors used in this ornament... i still have a few beads to apply after i press it... but i love this ornament... it is adorable... and mite even stitch it again as a present.  This is so fun...

I started this in 2013 and had just a little left to stitch.. so last night while nursing an ear infection... trying to stay warm... i finished this little cutie...
Thanks for looking... Stay warm and safe...

#594 Snowman 2010

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone.. what a landslide of a year.  Since July my world has just been uprooted and re adjusted... finding out my dad died. Then... swoooooosh.. gargle... and SPIT!  Wow...   I have aunts... uncles.. cousins... BROTHERS....  nieces and nephews... new experiences to be had by all.  Wow all the new details to learn... what makes me who I am.... I had a wonderful childhood.. but it might have had a bit more adventure with everyone in it from the start.  I would have liked to have looked in my dads eye... to have told him how awesome my childhood was... to have heard his voice.

So stitching has been wanted but my mental focus has not truly been where it needs to be to stitch...

I will start out by listing some of my stitching goals for 2014...

Working on UFO's...
♥ Peaceful Paradise
♥ Grandmother Fairy - Mirabillia
♥ LK Mystery Christmas piece
♥ Mary Cotton LaDDa
♥ Moses Sampler -silver creek samplers
♥ Emma & Eliza Meet the owls of October -  Just Nan
♥  Jenny Beans Christmas Sampler - Shakespeares Peddler

♥ Storykeep Magical Arrival  - HAED
♥  The Seven Virtues - LaDDa
♥  Away we Ride - Blackbird designs

Also several christmas ornaments to start ... stitch... and finish!

Big goals... but if just a few get done I am so happy. 

I also want to show you some of the ornaments and progress for the end of 2013....