Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What a year! 
Sunday we lost our best friend of over 13 years.  She was a live wire and sometimes she did the darnedest things. but she was loved dearly by all in our home.
She took ill the weekend before and was admitted to the doggie hospital. she had what they thought was a blockage we okd surgery cuz she is our baby girl. they found her intestines had something in them gauze like that had killed a large section of the intestine. they removed the bad section and hoped she would heal. Saturday morn she came home and we made her a soft bed in front of us so we cud be rite with her. She seemed to be doing so good. and was getting up on her own kinda and walking around the house.  Late that evening she got up and came to lay on the floor between us and I got down and layed with her and held her.  She seemed so happy to be with us and know we loved her so much. Sunday when I wok up she was doing pretty bad. By 11 am she was in pain and was not abl to stand we ruahed her to the doggie ER and they said her internal stitches were leaking and she was toxic and would not make it and would not live thru another surgery.  My husband called me sobbing to tell me what he was gonn do and that he would hold her in his arms as she passed.   Oh my goodness what are we gonna do with out our "little miss fuzzie bottoms" girl? 
Who is gonna great us when we come home?  Who is gonna get into things she shouldn't and aggervate  the heck out of us?  Who is gonna climb up in my stitch chair with me her stinky feet and all and cuddle up while I stitch.  What a treasured friend.   She was completely devoted to us 100% .  We will never find another like her. 
Cocoa ... Thank You!  for picking us to be your care takers you was a blessing. (sometimes in disguise)  You protected us when we needed it and loved us always.  We will be lost without you. 
My mom tells me dogs don't have souls but I will pray so hard to one day get to see you in heaven.  I love you baby girl rest in peace!
Last nite my son made her a headstone where we laid her to rest.  We buried her with her favorite toys and the first toy she stole from my kids when she was a tiny puppy... that silly loud yellow ball. On top with her headstone I placed her orange monkey toy she loved with dirt around him to hold him in the ground. 
God love her little heart.  She is gonna be missed so badly.