Friday, August 21, 2009

WIPS and Mary Progress!

Picture to the Left:
This is a WIP it is Goode Huswife - Ida Mae Crow... and is a Very fun stitch piece... This is not one that I work a lot on ... it stays in my car and is available to work on while I wait for my daughter to get out of work or if I have to wait for an appointment ... it is there for me to stitch on!

A Finish:
Picture below is another of the Blackbird Designs Stockings - May Basket. These are so fun to stitch and do not take a lot of time to complete. The finishing was tough for the first few but now they are rather easy!

Last... My Mary Progress update... I would be further on this piece... but I headed to Starbucks to stitch the other night and walked right out of the house without this piece... Guesh!!!! This piece is a BLAST to stitch...

It is hot and VERY humid here in Kentucky this week... and wouldn't you know it... my air conditioner... went on the fritz... Hopefully the DH can get it fixed today... last night was just NASTY! The luxuries that we grow accustomed to and soon find it hard to be without!

Tonight I go to the Tiara Club stitchers group... with all that has been going on... I have not been able to go to very many of them and am VERY excited to get to go tonight! Should have more progress of projects to show you some time this weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A blogiversary/1000th post giveaway package!!!!

Look what I found as I was looking thru my blogs for the day!!!! What an awesome 8th year giveaway!!!!
This blog is awesome to read so enjoy!

Here is the Link to find out more!!!!!

Good Luck everyone!

Pictures... and updates!!!!!!

Today is the dreaded first day of school for my kids... I have the most AWESOME kids and I almost Cried watching my teenagers get on the bus this morning. So it has been a bit of a hard day for me here in KY. I can not believe it ... it seems like just yesterday... They wer in diapers... and carrying a sippie cup... and here we are... WOW!!! Time Flies!!!!!

I want to show you a few charts that I bought with my birthday money... Carriage House - Noah's Stocking... and Fredrika... she is just LOVELY!!!!

I have a few others ordered but they have not arrived as of yet! I expect they will be in at some point this week.

I am involved with the Prairie Schooler Exchange... (the link is on the side bar) and I recieved my gift today.... the most perfect gift... at the EXACT time that I needed my spirits lifted! It is so ironic... I heard about this exchange from Janet who is on the HDF site with me as Sonniedg... she gave me all the information for it.

Guess who this is from... WOW... you are good!!!! That is Right... Janet!!!!

I could not have picked a better exchange person... Look at this little beauty!!!!
I also wanted to update you with my progress as of 2 weekends ago with my Mary Quaker SAL (link also on side bar) I am meeting with my best friend tonight to stitch some more and hopefully will have updated pics for you tomorrow!

Have a great day !

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Big 40

The Big 40

Last night My husband along with the assistance of my best friend completely SURPRISED me with a 40th birthday party. I have never had a surprise party so this was a complete BLAST for me!!! Wow... so many of my friends showed up!!! It was so good to eat dinner and be near all of my friends and to know that they all cared to be there with me to help celebrate this day! It was awesome!

On August 4th ... 17 years ago ... I was given the very best birthday gift that could ever be given... My precious baby girl. All else pales in comparrison. She is and always will be a Gift from God, and I amso very thankful that He has allowed me to be a part of her life, and to share this very special day together like we do!

We Had the party at a Local TGIFridays... and we had a blast! Great service and loads of fun!

My good Friend Patti Made me this Floss holder for my birthday... Oh my goodness... it is just LOVELY!

My Good Friend Rita gave me a cross stitch chart that I have been wanting to get so bad
I can not wait to start this one!
The girls that I use to work with bought me a Starbucks card... Yummy!!!! That is my favorite place to hang out! I love the Chi Tea Latte's!
My Husband and my kids gave me so much with this party... but I opened from them a talking Peanut stuffed toy from the Jeff Dunham Comedy Show. This is one of my favorites!!! and the nickname that my husband gave me years ago was Peanut... so it could not be more perfect!!!!
This was part of my table setting! Very correctly placed!!!

Even the girls at Starbucks after the party helped me celebrate with a VENTI chi tea!

Thank you goes out to EVERYONE that helped me celebrate a huge milestone in my life... My Big 40!!!!!
And a HUGE special thank you to my Dear Husband Mark, my kids, and my best friend (sister) Debra for all their work and the love and care that went into this very special night for me. I love you all so much!