Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21 Christmas is almost here!

Just peaking in like the grand daughter is... to say HI and to show you a few finishes that I have done! Since this picture was so adorable I had to put it in here...

Here is a picture of how I finished the grand daughters ornament! It is her first of hopefully MANY MANY ornaments. I hope she thinks it is fun and playful!
and another shot of it...

Here is what it looks like from above... showing the entire ornament!

This is a picture of my Daughters ornament! I thing it is a little more plain that I had hoped but the gold is very shiney! It was fun! and I still would like to find a small button in green for each side of the ornament to attach to it! I am still looking!

Here I was trying to help you see the shine on this ribbon... but it is not showing like it should!

The ornaments this year were FUN... and seriously helped me to feel like it was Christmas... I know that Abigail was a present from God to help me get through the end of the year! She doesnt even know that she helps me but she does... and I try so hard to tell her about her Great Grandpa and how much he would have LOVED her... I used phrases that he would and tell her they are his... He is still here and is carried on with that precious baby girl!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just a Small Quick Update!

I am sorry... I have not been posting... life has been so busy. I have been trying to hang on with both hands and see where the ride ends up!

Oct 30th we lost my papaw... He was my dad and my grandpa all in one. He is the one person in my life that I always knew he loved me with his soul! God sent him just for me! He was an Awesome Dad.. Grandpa... friend... and I am going to miss him so much! He has battled for so long now... and it has been so hard to just see him this way! Sometimes I think I did not visit him just to keep my heart from hurting so much!

On to stitching things... I am working on a shop model for a friend ... Terrie at The Stitch Store in GA. I am stitching LHN- Colonial Welcome.

Then for myself... I have stitched 3 of these little deers... sorry but I do not even know who or where this chart is from. It is a freebie that I had and fell in love with it! It is a BLAST to stitch... and I changed the colors for our little grand daughters ornament. Abigails First Christmas! I am making ornaments for my kids each year for the tree... and Abigail will have a hand made ornament to take with her when she puts together her first tree as an adult!

My Son and my Daughter had the Red and Green Ornaments matching...

but just changed the names on each.
My grand daughters was stitched with HDF silks and was in a bright pink and a dark purple... her favorite colors seem to be the pinks and purples.

AND YES... this is stitched with a signature of Moo Moo... that is what my precious Son has everyone calling me... BUT i think I have the good end of it... My husband is called POO POO... giggle... like Moo Moo and Poo Poo... giggle... makes me laugh each time I hear it!
OH and the most fun thing to tell you about!!!!!
I finally made it to a show. Everything about this was just Magical!!! I LOVED it... laughed...almost cried... and loved the play on how this could have been! GA Linda was great... My daughter and I went together and had a blast!
Tickets... Near $200
Dinner... Near $60
T-shirts for both ... over $100
Memory... PRICELESS!!!!! This is the Stage Set up!!! and the view from our seats...

Sorry! I can not get these blasted Pictures to rotate! I have tried everything! Still you get to see this amazing sign... where ALL wanted a picture as a keepsake!

What a wonderful cast! They did a PERFECT job!

I am thankful to be able to go to things like this!

Just a quick update... will try to post more later! Take care and if we do not talk before...

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year!