Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers day!!!

It has been such a relaxed and happy mothers day for me...
My daughter brought me a chai tea.. and doughuts for breakfast...she brought me choc covered strawberries with coconut on them... yum!!!!!   then i sat watching movies with the kids... and stitching.  Dinner was made by my dh, dd, and ds, and it was a dinner fit for Kings...
Steak... crab legs... butter garlic shrimp.. baked potato, corn on the cob, and a dinner roll.   I ate way too much.  

I pulled out a UFO to work on today... Fairy Grandmother by Lavender & Lace

This is where i started... and after a lot of lavender thread.... 
this is where i was at the end of the day.  I believe i am going to save the beads for last... and going to work on the stitches alone for right now.  I am loving the way the colors are blending. 
Happy Mothers day to alk the mothers out there... 
keep crossing those stitches. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A date with a Phantom

Last Sunday my dd and i headed downtown to see Phantom of the Opera... i thought we had great seats... i have some pics for you.  
We were PRETTY disappointed in Phantom... the performance was weak.. the music was so loud that it drowned out ths singers from time to time to the point of not being able to hear and make out the words.  The person in the role if phantom had a weak voice... not one of the strength that a phantom would require... there was not this biysterous strong voice of demand... but a very unexperienced voice of what could have been a high school student at a high school talent show.  This is to be whole new design... and performance.... from listening to several people... they need to revert back to the old performance.  The word after was one of disappointment.. and that was not just from my group.  
just a piece of my weekend to share... 
keep crossing those stitches.  

I'm late... I'm late...

For a very important post...

Oh my goodness... look at my goodies..  i hope my secret stitcher is able to see my blog and if she does....   THANK YOU!!!!   

This is the cloth covers that I place around my Q-snaps to keep the oils from my hands from getting on my projects... This is amazing that she knew I used these and needed another set in this size... 
Thank you! 
In this present was this absolutely GORGEOUS fabric... I would love to be rich enough to have one of every shade the Leslie makes... This fabric is amazing... Soft and the dye is so rich in color... I have a mermaid picked for this piece already... This is a large cut UNDER THE SEA FABRICS found at 
This is AMAZING!!!!!!

Look at all my goodies together... What an awesome secret stitcher I have... This was such a blessing to me to get these things.

I have saved my favorite for LAST... Oh my goodness... Oh my goodness... THANK YOU just doesn't feel quite enough... This is too much... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new namaste case!!!!!  I have wanted one of these for YEARS... I love this and loaded it immediately!!! Well after I ran upstairs squealing like crazy!  
It has been such a hard few months... And this package came at the perfect time!

Thank you so much ... I hope you visit my blog from time to time... Oh my goodness thank you!!!!
Keep crossing those stitches