Tuesday, January 8, 2013

LK SAL UPDATE - January post.

I have been a terrible sal person.   Between starting a new job, preparing for Christmas, and then packing everything up from Christmas, and day to day events.. i have not been stitching alot, and therefore there has not been a lot to post.  I am not done wih my 2nd block yet... And have to complete a 3rd block in order to stay on target for Feb 1st.   Goals are good. I have several to start and am waiting for all the supplies on my scarlet letter chart to arrive so that i can start his sal too. 

Wih the new job and all the learning... I have been coming home so exhausted and worn out... It is hard for me to sit and stitch without falling asleep.  I am just so happy to have a new job that I like and feel I can do well at. 

happy stitching ... I will keep you posted on the progress for this sal Feb 1st.

Take care