Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Today's progress

Just a fast note .. Not much was done today but wanted to post to show. 
Thank you for looking.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Halloween Fairy

Just a short post to show progress.. It has been a terrible day with the arm...  So i am not getting as far as i would like...  But i am LOVING the way it is turning out.  Oh i had hoped to get this finished before my surgery... But it is one week away.. I doubt i will finish her. I will continue to try though! 😊

Pay close attention to the hands in the above pic... Playedoh under the nails and all... This is the adorable hands of my sweet lil grand baby.   She is 3 1/2 years old.   She climbed into my chair with me and as the needle came thru the fabric... She would grab and pull... And giggle and say that is fun!!!!  
My dd said it brought a tear to her eyes to watch... A early start to our lil stitcher.
Have a great day and keep crossing those stitches.  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Lion King

Last year my dd gave me tickets for me and her to go to see The Lion King when it came to Cincinnati.  We went on Opening night... This was the best performance i have ever seen.. It was magical... It was breath taking and it was so emotional for me.    In the opening and the circle of life formed and the larger animals assembled onto the stage thru the audience... Tears formed and i was near a full cry it was just amazing.  I would gladly go again and again... To see this show.  Amazing voices ... Humor well played... I just had the very best time. Some of the pics u may have to click to open... For some reason they are not auto correcting like they usually do. 

For opening night the local Zoo had animals from Africa to show us and they had them walking around with us.... Wow it was fun. 
This lil girl was amazingly friendly... I wanted to take her home with me.  
You can never go wrong witb an owl.. This one was a lil spazzy... But wow those eyes.  
This was such a special thing to do for opening night.  We just had a blast. 
Thank you Meghan for taking me out of life's troubles  for such a nice evening.  What a great birthday gift.  Tha k you baby girl! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A long time for a post.... Update

I dont even know where to begin ... The night of Super Bowl the DH watched the game and felt odd... He was sick from around 11 and by 6 am we were headed to the ER.  Around 1 that day a dr came into our room to tell us he had a blockage in his intestines where the small and large connect.  They had also found a suspicious places in the CT scan on his liver.   They had suspected cancer.   By 7 pm he was in surgery had a bowl resection and a liver biopsy.  The surgeon stated that it was cancerous as far as she could see.  Two days later her knowledge was confirmed... He has a carcinoid cancer that has metastasized to his liver.  We now have been to Columbus Oh at the James Cancer research center to see a Carcinoid cancer specialist.  It is a slow moving cancer but is not curable.  We have to see what pace this cancer is at so the tests have started.  Wow... Over night... And with no warning life changes.  I stay scared these day... Fear of what they will find that has not been detected yet... Fear of what it will mean for us.  Fear of losing more than i am ready to lose.

On top of this.. I have been out of work since December 23rd.  I had a procedure PRP done on my right elbow.  This is done for Tennis Elbow.  I have been suffering from this for around 2 years now AND have  been told that my daily dose of CONSTANT Key punch at work has damaged my elbow.  The MRI completed a few weeks back shows a piece of my tendon hanging down and laying in the back side of my elbow...  I have been told this is a workers comp issue but is hard to get the treatment i need if i go the route of workers comp so i just went with it on my own.  But something must have gone wrong in this procedure... My arm became worse and has not healed.  I am now set for surgery on my elbow for April 29th.  Crazy huh... With the pain in that elbow there has not been a lot of finishes.  Stitching hurts.  I have been able to train myself to keep my elbow tucked to my side and to watch for a certain feeling of pain... That is my stopping point.  So i am not getting very far with any of my projects.  And there has been no finish work at all.  Once i am healed i want to have a finishing weekend and just clear out my container of finished work.   I have several i need framed too... But with no money coming in for that... It will have to wait.  For now. 

So i dont know how much i will be posting.. I am still looking and reading and keeping up with the amazing finishes posted each day..  But life has just imploded around me for right now. 

There has not been the extra cash flow with being off for this length of time to purchase all the new goodies that were released at Market.   Although my wish list grows as i look around.  I have stopped looking for fear of what i   may find that i just can not purchase right now.  Saved for another day.   Hopefully once my arm heals .. I will still have a job and can afford to get some new stash.  I worry about my job with all of this...but it is a matter of what path God has planned for me.  I am just riding on the coat tails and hoping the ride is a long and steady one.  

Any and all prayers for me and the DH are welcomed, and GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you... Thank you. 

Finishes:  BOAF Cold as a Lizzard..this is stitched with the dmc floses called for and on a mystery cut of fabric that i bought at the Keepsake retreat in January.  

The next one i have shown the in process pics before it is on fun fabric.  It was an extra charts from Lizzie Kate Mystery from a few years back... It is very cute stitched.  I 
Really like both of them.  I believe i showed the other one i. Previous post. 
This is PSS turkey sausage... Ohhhhhhh i sooooooo want the new release of the bunny sausage dogs.  So bad. This is fun and looks amazing. 
This is my in process project now... It is Nora Corbett Halloween Fairy and is stitched on PTP Carnaval fabric with dmc and metalics that are called for.  I had this chart ready to stitch for a bit... It was in my Sept 2008 Cross stitch & needlework magazine.  I love the way she is looking. 
Another finish.....
BOAF cute as a bug
Again DMC floss on a mystery cut
These both were so fun... I have several others kitted up to stitch but am missing the lamb and heard there was a bat too... Has anyone seen the Bat? 

That is going to be it for today and with my arm it has taken me every bit of 2 days just to get the words on this page.  Please keep posting and i will try as often as i can.  I will try to post before April 29th the surgery.  
Keep crossing those stitches...