Thursday, September 3, 2009

Of Course I CAN!!!! Pictures GALORE!!!

Yesterday... I spent the entire day in the company of some LOVELY canning ladies her in my area. I took a Day long class on Canning... the Do's and Dont's. Basic principles on Freezing... and Drying foods... It was from 9a.m. to 3 p.m. and we shared a wonderful lunch and I will do this again if I can!

It was offered throught our local chapter of Home makers... and our County Co Op Extension center!

Here is a picture of the 2 projects that I did... Tomatoes... with the basic Boiling Canning method... and Carrots with the Stem or Pressure canning method... this picture also shows the wonderful binder they gave us for instructions on each subject.

I HAD A BLAST!!!!! and I really needed to have a good time yesterday! BAD!!!
I have had a stitching friend burn me so incredibly bad this past month that is has tortured my very SOUL. I have had a TERRIBLE time even stitching... and really dont know what I am going to do about it! It had to do with some stitching that I did for her and her not appreciating it... and the things that were said and done were just OUTRAGEOUS. I have a good group of ladies that I hang out with and they have followed these happenings... and have come to my aid... with kind words for me... and with suggestion on how to handle things... but I am just very lost with all of it. I hope to be able to pull myself up out of this and brush myself off and continue stitching. I tried to pull out a fun project... but the WANT to stitch is just not there right now... resembles .... bamboo shoots under the nail... WOW!!!!

I started this little chart from La D Da... and it has been fun! that is what I am focussing on right now... FUN!!! Here is my progress...
I also wanted to show you ladies a few pics of one of my birthday gifts... Just nan Tin... it is a new release... and WOWOWOWOW!!!!
It is ADORABLE!!!!!!
Look how nice the tin is ... the colors are so vibrant on this tin!!!!!
This next part of the post... I am going to BRAG for a bit and then post a finish... Now that we know both have been recieved..... I can safely do this.....

My daughter and I both signed up for the Round 3 Prairie Schooler Exchange and these were pics of what we stiched... assembled... and sent out!

This first picture is of my 17 year old daughters project. I am soooooooo very proud of her. She has only been stitching a short while... but has become VERY addicted to it! This is the flat fold that she sent out to the person she was assigned... and I thought she did a SMASHING job!!!

I have several Pictures that are if the project that I have completed for my exchange person... but when she posted and had assembled them all together... I loved the way she did it... so I am using her picture to show them all at one time!
Thank you for posting this LOVELY picture!

I wanted to end my post today with a picture that several friends have send me... they are claiming that this is me in the morning.....

... and a 2 fisted cup of coffee... does not sound too bad right now! Have a Great day Ladies!!!!!