Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long time since last post- loads of pics!

Hello.... everyone! Life has been soooooo busy with the new job... Daughter starting her Senior year... dd old bf troubles... and new bf, and still wanting to be with the old bf and OMG! I am sooooooooo gladddddd I am not 18 years old again! WOW!

I will start out my post with a demo that I stitched for Terrie who ownes The Stitch Store.
This was Rosewood Manor's Lighthouse Biscornue... and WOW I do believe it is the Largest Birscornue that I have EVER stitched!

It has a little pocket built in for these tiny cute lil scissors!

This is a pic of all the pieces before they were assembled and it took almost an entire bag of stuffing to fill this biscornue! It is so large but absolutely gorgeous!
Here are some Flea Market Finds from our camping trip for July 4th weekend! we went to Rough River area and had a blast!

Love these little chickens... I have a 3 of the large ones and if they were not soooooo expensive I would have an entire kitchen full of them. I LOVE them!

This is a picture of the ornament that I stitched for the last ornament exchange. The person I sent it to decided not to post a picture of it so I did... wanted all to see... and the pics do not do it justice ... the metalic fabric is catching the flash!

I will probably have to close this one and open another and post the rest of the pics another day. It will only allow me to post so many at a time! So I will show you more here in the next few days!
Have a great night!
and Keep crossing those stitches!


Karen said...

OMG...that biscornu is so pretty..and big! Great job on such a great finish.