Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It has been such a LONG time!!!

I want to start out by telling you ... I GOT A JOB!!!! that is where I have been... Wow be unemployed over a year and try to go back to work... SPOILED is what I have been! so the last 2 weeks I have been so tired that I have been going to bed around 830 or 9 each night... I just have NOT been able to keep my eyes open! BUT... I think I am gonna LOVE this job! I am working as a front desk receptionist for a local company, but am back up in AR and AP. I am LOVING the work! Learning a lot ... more and more each day... but so enjoying it all!

Now for a little of my stitching updates...

The projects that I have in my rotation right now...

  • an easter project that I need to finalize and send out to my exchange person... this week.
  • Prairie Schooler - A B C's
  • Barrick Samplers - Hannah's Ship

I have just completed 2 DEMO stitching projects that I sent out to
The Stitch Store (Buford GA)

I am also Becky's Ornament Exchange
This What I recieved for Round one of 2010- From Lynda

It is a Primative Betty's Freebie!!!! But I am so very proud to add it to my little collection of ornies... What a Talented group of stitchers are there! Thank you so very much Lynda... I love it!

Thank you to all for their kind words and their support while I have been unemployed and trying to get a job. This has been such a challenging year... and I feel now like I am in a better place than I was originally at the company that I was laid off from! That is AWESOME!!!!
Thank you God for EVERYTHING!!!!