Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick update and a pic of Abigail Francis


She is 23 weeks now... almost time to meet her... She is starting to respond to us when we talk... giggle.. so when I mention for Megz to get something to eat for Abigail... if it sounds good... she will kick Megz til she goes and gets it! Giggle... Grandma has already started tee hee...
Grandpa has started too.... He ran to walmart for a few things and had to bring Abigail something small back... she is not even here yet and grandpa is already spoiling her.... these little blocks are cute soft and some are rattles and some crinkle... and crackle as you touch.... they are cute and with Meghan deciding that her room is going to be Jungle Jill (see picture at side)at Babies R Us ... this will be perfect for her room!!!!! Look... COCO (the 13 almost 14 baby... the dog!)
OK... LOOK what Grandma Found... GIGGLE... Now we need a coat to match... This is adorable and is soooooooooooooo like Meghan!
Last Saturday Meghan and I headed for the Zoo to see the new BABY Giraffe... It started to STORM BAD... So we went to our cross stitch shop... spent money and it was still bad so we went and got food... and went shopping and headed for home..

Sunday was GORGEOUS... so we headed to the Zoo and after about a 45 minute wait... we saw the new baby .... OMG se is ADORABLE. At a little over 6 ft tall... and over 145 lbs she is so sweet... Here is a picture of me and Meghan. If you look... you can see the new baby giraffe's dad in the background.


Yeah... Abigail has a place of her own now to sleep... This is a Stanley crib and adjusts to a toddler bed that looks almost like a day bed... and then to a full size bed with head and foot boards. It is a medium toned Cinnamon finish... and is so pretty. She also has a changing table that matches... I was so very excited about this because it is Abigails first piece of furniture in our house. Yeah!!!!

Oh it is just so pretty! Meghan said it was PERFECT and that made me feel even better! I want more than anything for her to feel all is just Perfect for Abigail! Especially with the circumstances being what they have been... I am so excited to get to see and hold Abigail... I could just POP!!!! Hey better me than Meghan... Pop that is! Giggle!

These pics were of it at the person's house that we bought it from... They were so very nice... and Helped us load it out and all... WOW it is SOLID!!!! It is a Heavy Bed!!!!
I hope to have pics of some cross stitch for you either later today of sometime this week.... I have to take a few more pics and load the pics from the camera... Then I will share.

Please continue to pray for Meghan as she prepares for Abigails arrival.

Thank you so much ladies!

Take care!


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