Thursday, August 25, 2011

Abigail is here!!!!

Abigail Francis is here... she made her long awaited arrival... August 16th. I have several pics of the first week of her life... I was the birth coach... so that was the most exciting thing ever...I was able to cut the cord and connect with her and her mom that way! What a huge blessing.
Her first foot print...

Here is a pic of her on the warming table!

This is Mom and Abz all ready to go out to lunch the other day! Red Lobster was where we were taking her to eat!

Here she is right before her first doctor check...

We had to take her back up to the hospital a day after her release for a nurse visit... and she got all dressed up for the occasion!

She is soooo adorable !!!

While we were in the hospital... a older couple brought around a gift/snack cart... this Monkey was on that cart... and it caught Abigails Eye!!! Well that was it! She had to have him!!! and he was sold!

This is her being a model... The hospital photographer came around to take the most adorable pics of our litttle princess!!!! As you can see... we have been so busy and so exhausted that there has been no time for cross stitch... but that will come soon!


Donna said...

Oh she is so beautiful! Best Wishes

nic said...

Hi ! You don't know me at all - I live in England - but I am mummy (not mommy !) to my Abigail Francis who will be 3 on 6th October - I'm up late (stupidly !) and Ijust googled her name (something to do) and found your blog. Hope all is well with all of you. Love my almost 3 year old - and the tantrums ! - to bits - but oh how I'd love to be back in that newborn time - just NOTHING so cute as a new baby ! xxx