Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have to start out this post by saying that TONS has happened since my last posting... and I have just not been able to pull myself to the keyboard to inform everyone.  I will post the updates in the next few days... I want this to be only a positive posting. 

On to he fun....
I signed up for a PIF Challenge... and was chosen... and said that I would do the same for 3 others that are interested in joining in on the fun. I received my present... and it came at a perfect time ... and is just lovely.  Gorgeous color and design, stitched so pretty, and finished perfectly!   This was sent to me by Lynda at a cozy little place to stitch blogspot.   It is so wonderful and I am so very proud to place it in my display case.  Thank You so very much Lynda. 

On to the fun stuff.... now it is my turn to pick pick 3 people to be a part of a pif.  If you are interested in being a part of this please post to this comment and I will choose 3 names to carry on one week from today.  Those posting to his are committing to me that once you get what I have sent you that you will post pics of what you have received and then post for 3 people on your blogspot... make them each something and send it out within one year.  so you will have one year to complete this project.  
PLEASE help me to get the word out ... pleasebtell all you can of this pif so that it makes it fun!