Sunday, July 8, 2012


We just arrived back from our vacation.  We tried very hard to make the best of everything.   We lost our ac in the truck on the way down... 3 dogs... 4 adults and a princess baby grand daughter.   We arrived in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee last 2 fridays ago.  We stayed at a somewhat nice campground with full hook ups... but started to have troubles with the ac unit right away.  It was not gettin as col as usual.  The days were well above 100 degrees The day that it first went out was 106 degrees and boy was it miserable.  we went and bought a box fan... and window ac unit.  It was a smaller unit and did not cool the unit like it could... but it was so much better than not having it.   We haf a repair company come outto fix but they told us that it was just too hot and that several people were losi.g their units.  We were the good ole family with a window unit in our RV... WOW.  but I didn't care one bit it worked.   Then the storms rolled in... OMG they were bad!   LOTS OF LIGHTENING...STRONG WINDS... and the rain was actally COLD.  It was a bit scarey for quite a while.  The next evening the storms were even worse.  News reports showed the rv park a short way from us had flipped campers... and even deaths.   Wow... we were lucky.   Our campground had trees down and limbs everywhere... the power was out in the front of the grounds... but all were safe. 
With all of hos we were still able to go to the July 4th parade and fireworks.  My son and I went to the Titanic exhibit... that was so neat.  We went to the petting zoo... parakeet mountain(Abigail loved this she squealed and giggled)  we went to the rainforest zoo... and Meghan and i both were able to pet a wild cerval cat. This was amazing. 

We spoiled Abigail as much as possible...And tried to keep us andthe dogs as cool as we could.  It was so hot... we went swimming every day.

Before we left I called Silver Needle to try to get the SN exclusive chart by Just Nan...Ladg Scarlet's Scissor Roll.  They took my information but told me it was sold out and if someone had decided against it or their card did not authorize ... they would send one out... I was on a list... but not to plan on it.  This was in my mail as I returned home.  Along with it... they sent me the Prairi Schooler omg... it is  adorable.  I am going to try to gather and stitch this tomorrow.   I will share more with you later... need to get some laundry done. 
Take care!