Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finishing another completed piece.

You know at 42 years of age... it never ceases to amaze me just how ugly human nature is. The past couple years there has been some pretty ugly people surrounding me... whatever the motivators are for people to look a person in the eye and still lie... and just be ugly they are not excusable.  I hear several blogs write about the days gone by and wanting life to slow down.  In my opinion we have traded a mans word... and general kindness for the fast passed life where we are constantly running... never home and living life with our FF button depressed.  We all need a slow down... and a time to just relax.  I sat last night thinking about the past few years and how hard they have been.There are some days that I could easily be a hermit and seclude to my house... connections with people and a tan are a bit over rated.

I showed you all pics of this completed stitch piece ... I decided to get the finish work done so that I can display it this Halloween.  This was a fun piece to stitch and even more fun to finish. This is the first time I have finished a triangle piece like this... but it was fairly easy to do... and I will probably do it over again.The bows on the side have the little black cat glass buttons that I fell in love with on the side. I have wooden balls on the bottom to life it up WHAT A GREAT PIECE! The fun I have had with this piece re-sparks how much fun stitching is for me...
THANK YOU TO BARBARA ANNA DESIGNS for creating this alleycat quartet piece.
Take care and keep crossing those stitches.