Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LK SAL March update... snow... And oogie on the loose!

Just a quick post to show my LK SAL progress...

I usually love snow... But this year I am work hin with the weather.  This is my fist year in near 20 years that i have worked downtown.  Dealing with the slush... The snow... The drivers... Wow. It is time for spring.  I am excited for sunshine and warm days.  Last night we were hit wih a snow storm... Some channels locally were saying up to 14 inches... But we ended up with about 5 it was pretty... But our winds were bad... And even howling.   And he roads were pretty slick heading into work this morning. 

I also wanted to post a pic of Oogie Boogie.... He has settled into my work dest real nicely.  He makes me chuckle. He is from the nightmare before christmas movie... And is just adorable. 

Have a great night ladies... Take care... Be safe... And keep crossing those stitches.


Denise said...

Ah, he's a cutie! And he really pops on your blue fabric!

Had high hopes for snow last night and we barely got a covering. :( I want one more large snow and then we can have spring.

Melinda said...

Your Snowed In looks great. We have been blessed this year, we have had our share of snow, but NO SNOW DAYS.. So I feel cheated in some ways. Stay safe of course