Saturday, February 8, 2014

Package from my Secret Stitch Pal

Today it is cold and dreary in Kentucky.  We have had snow showers off and on most of the day.  We are to have another 1-2 inches tomorrow. I am surrounded by snow and Ice from our last big snow "event".  I am very frustrated and want warmer days. 

As if that is not enough.... On the way home last Tuesday... My car just died and left me stranded on the side of the road.  After being sick for over 3 weeks with the flu.. Double ear infection... Viral bronchitis... And then walking pneumonia... I was afraid of being trapped with no heat like that.  Almost 3 hours later... The tow truck pulled away with my Clifford red Durango... Otha's been to 2 shops and finally on Friday they let us know it was sensors and the fuel pump... I should have it again Monday as long as all goes well... I am trapped with no car. 

So today I have been a bit down... In my mailbox was this fun little package from my secret pal! 

Look at the pink silks... Oh my goodness... Absolutely beaut-t-ful!!!!  Oh and the blingy needle minders... Oh my goodness... I just LOVE BLING !!!!!
I won't know who is sending me the gifts in 2014 until some time in December ... I am soooo thankful for her present it lifted my spirits on a pretty bad day!  

Just had to post my goodies!!! 
Take car... Hope all are safe and warm. 


Rowyn said...

Sorry you have had a run of bad luck. I'm sure that fantastic exchange really helped lift your spirits.