Monday, January 5, 2015

A little bit of stitching...

I had a precedure done on my elbow the day after Christmas... oh my goodness... the dr warned of the pain involved.. but  i am still unable to straighten my arm.  I am trying to stitch some but it is going sooooo slow... and then that tendon heats up and not much gets done.  But i am trying.   I am out of work for a bit... to heal.  I see the dr on the 20 th to see if it is Ok to return to work.  I wish i could take a few months off.. i like being home and out os this nasty cold snowy weather. I will show you what i have been slowly working on.

On another note... a question for all of you who subscribe to the JCS mag... have you recieved you renewal yet?  I got mine today in the mail and was SHOCKED.  I am use to spending about $25 a year.. and at that price have had several issues that i have not exactly been happy with.  The renewal arrived today and 1 year.. 7 issues... $74.80.  This is crazy... and mite be time to go back to buying only the ones i want from my LNS.  I dont understand that price and can not justify spending this much on the subscription. Does anyone have any news on this... was this a mistake or a joke or something? 
Thank you for stopping in.. 


Marilyn said...

Your new start is cute.
I would check the address on that renewal.
A lot of those "renewals" are bogus, and NOT JCS.
I receive those all of the time and they go right in the garbage.
Please don't use that renewal, someone is just pocketing the money. :(

Annette-California said...

I also received the same invoice you had. I just got off the phone with Annie's who had bought & now sells the issues of JCS magazine. The lady said its not from them - shred the invoice. Whew!! I am so glad you posted about this because I saved the invoice and knew it couldn't be correct but wanted to call Annie's. So discard that invoice. I have:)
love Annette
ps your wip is beautiful and hope you heal soon.