Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Updates... a Finish... Stash...WIP ... UFO's.... Alot of Pics

I am probably going to have to do 2 posts... but want to get some GOOD NEWS and some Upbeat Posting in for a change... I want to start by showing you the Christmas Gift that My Dear Hubby Gave me for Christmas.. .I have wanted one of these caskets for a LONG LONG time... Now I have to choose the Chart to go inside this beauty.

My DH had a small plate made for the front that Says...
Peanut is my nickname that he gave me back when we were first dating... it has stuck with me for 20 years now! He thinks of everything! I think he is a keeper.
Look at how the inside is made... This is SOOOOOOOOO NICE. What a treasure to pass down thru my family.
This Box was made by Barbara and Her Husband who own Keepsakes Cross Stitch in Cincinnati, OH
What an AWESOME job they did... Thank you Sweetie... and Thank you to Barbara for helping him with this Heirloom!


This is Boris by Plum Street Samplers. This is a Shop model Stitched for Terrie at The Stitch Shop in Buford, GA. This went out in the mail today towards GA. This is a FUN FUN FUN stitch... and is absolutely gorgeous finished. I also did Olga too but this has already been sent.

WIP's and UFO's:
Blackberry Lane Designs
The Journey to Bethlehem Ornament...
I am doing this over one on 28 Count Monks Cloth, and am Very impressed so far at the coloration that has been chosen. I cant wait to see more of this completed.

This is Paridise Lost
My best friend and I have been working on this one for quite some time... I love the verses... and the bottom pictures... I am hoping to get this one finished this year.
Close up of the bottom section of this piece...

This is a Lizzie Kate Snowman Ornament... I have just started this one... and try to stitch it in between and at work.


I have just used some bonus money and bought some charts that I have been wanting... Look at the goodies... Yeah!!!!!
I am going to post another post in a few minutes showing you some more things... There are too many pictures in this post already. I will be right back!


Karen said...

What a beautiful gift! nice finishes and new stash too! Looks like you will have plenty to keep you busy.