Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today in Kentucky!

Today is just gorgeous!!!!!

The gauge at the bank stated 80 degrees... but WOW it is just wonderful. The sun is shining... every once in a while it will pop behind a cloud and will look like rain... and around 11:30 this morning we had a brief like 3 minute shower.... but by my lunch break at 1 it was so sunny and with wind is pretty strong... it is a cooler wind blowing so I was able to get a Frappe... and sit in my car with the windows open and stitch what a WONDERFUL lunch hour! We have 4 blue jays that like to play in our front area where we park and they bounce between the limbs of the tree and sing... so lunch was so much fun today... Here are some lunch pictures...

I am working on Holy Moses by Silver Creek Samplers Over 1 with 1 thread of the DMC is calls for. This is a 25 count Potato fabric...

As you can see I was too caught up in those cute little blue jays and had to do some frogging... WOW frogging when stitching over one... is not fun!!!! OH and imagine that... I had to Frog my Frog!!! Giggle... it is the plague of frogs that I messed up on those darn frogs!!!!

Here is my Yummy Frappe... WOW these are an addiction!!!

See ... now here you can see that I am in the car... and there are my two lunch time friends... What a great day! Back to work all ... Keep crossing those stitches!!!