Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More pics of all the work!

We have been so busy getting everything ready for our new little family member ... she is due to be here around the first of August... We have had several dear friends helping us to get ready for her... and here is some not all of the hard work that we have been doing...
We have the Living room and the downstair hallway painted... we still have to do the coblestone at the fireplace...Here is the start of the living room NOT all of the Cross stitch is hanging here yet!

Here is the hallway and shows the coblestone up the one wall.
Now to more of the Paint Abigail's room day pics... This was the group of pics that I wanted to post the pics that were missing from the last post...

This is the paint fight I was talking about... They were having so much fun!!! They were cracking Stephanie and I up so bad watching them... You can see by the picture that I took it thru Abigail's screen window... How fun... Of course when Meghan grabbed the entire gallon of Paint and took aim on Justin... WOW... I had to say... WOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!! Gettum Megz!!!

Here is her room right after the paint was finished paint is not even dry yet!!! It is so bright and cheerful!!! I just LOVE being in this room!!!

This is all for right now... I want to add a post in a little bit showing you all the adorable things that we were able to find on out trip to Gatlinburg and London KY for Abigail... OMG there was so many things we bought... she is not even here yet and already needed her own suitcase... when she is here she will need a TRUNK!!!! Giggle!

Thank you again to all who helped us get as far as we are and have taken the time to help us welcome out new little bundle of Joy!!!