Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Updates! Friday 7/8/11(heavy pics)

Good Morning all! I thought the easiest way to catch up on some of the busy things we have been doing is to do them in sections by the weekends... that way you all can see everything that we are doing!

Friday after work my Daughter met me at work and we drove to ONCE UPON A CHILD resale shop. They were having a "bag sale" $15 a bag all you can fit in it! WOWOWOWWWWW!!!! Working for YEARS in retail I know I can fit a TON in a bag! These were tiny Walmart style thin plastic bags!!!! so we started to see what all we liked first and then if we could find things that she would be able to use in larger sizes too!

We originally went to Once upon a child to get a Diaper Genie... and we DID get that... we ended up getting it so very cheap! WOW!!!! So here are some pics from our adventure!

Tons of clothes and jeans for Abigail! These were one of the cute ones!!! Look at the little flower on the belt!
This is another pair... They are Apple Bottom Jeans! and They are ADORABLE!!!!!

This is a little soft rainbow hedgehog that Meghan found it is a rattle and is made of polar fleece and is sooooooo soft!!!! Abigail is going to LOVE it!!!!

Here is Meghan afterwards in Abigails room going through things and seperating the sizes! We have to get the baby detergaent tomorrow so we can start the cleaning process!!! We are getting everything ready for our lil princess!!!!

Just to give you a bit of a breakdown.... as they scan the tags and process the sale they add all in the bag and give you a total of the items before it goes to $15 for that bag. Today we found drum roll please... $392 worth of clothes and the total was.... $15 We were so tickled!!! and all around us was having fun watching us push these things in that bag!!!

Thank you for Looking!!! Have a Great day!