Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Updates Saturday 07/09/2011 (heavy pics)

Saturdays Adventures!!!!

Today we left for Work early Meghan went into work with me for a little bit! Then after we headed to that LOVELY bag sale... just $15 more dollars.... After we went to Hobby Lobby... Then to get Chick-Filla for lunch and over to Babies R Us!!!!!

My pics are in backwards though... so this is the Babies R Us shopping.... She really wanted this little soothing sounds stuffed toy for Abigail! It has music, the heartbeat, and white noise. This is so cool!!!!

Here is what all we bought at Toys R Us! The little thing on the side is a Bag Holder... so that if you change a diaper while you are out and it is a stinky one... you place it in these little baggies and it takes care of holding that smell inside! Meghan just HAD HAD HAD to have this... she thought this was just so cool!


I ordered a few frames ... I laced my pieces... and I watched them while they assembled the pieces and made sure they were so nice to my work! But here is the result!

Quaker quaker piece!

Shepherds Bush Kit... I just love this little witchy girl! and the pics do NOT do this frame justice... it is just gorgeous! With charcoal flecks in it! It is just perfect for this piece!

I think that they turned out WONDERFUL!!!! I am so Proud of them! and that is 2 more of my goals of getting some of my finishes that are in my bin FRAMED!!! I had a goal of One a pay period ! I wanted them all hanging in my house...But SOME are finished other than a frame!!! So least I am 2 more towards my goal!

OK... Here we go again! This time is was only $298 worth of clothes for $15 but still it was a TON!!! and we bought shoes Galore!!!! That took up a ton of space in the bag! I have a few pics for you to be able to see some of the goodies!!!!!!

Here you also see some of the shoes!!! Meghan and I BOTH have a shoe thing! WE LOVE SHOES!!!!

Look at the Franky-Stein sockies... and then the little Minnie Mouse sockies!!!

Swimsuits of all sizes and cover ups too!!!!

These are Socks... and stockings for the fall! They are so FUN!!!!

We had bought a plain white Bassinette... but then Stephy found us this one... and we were able to trade them for the difference. This one is the cadilac of Bassinette's. It has vibration... music... toys... and several crib sheets!!! It is ADORABLE!!!!

You have heard me talk of Grandma 2 being Stephy... This is Meghans call on calling her Grandma 2. She is the mother of Meghans long time boyfriend Justin. Stephy has a connection with Meghan and has always been there for her to support her. Stephy and I both joke about Meghan and Justin being in an arranged marriage. We are hoping that these two kids can work things out. So Grandma 2 works at Once Upon A Child and she had these two little outfits waiting for Meghan and out little peanut(that is what she calls her)!!!

Look at this one... I will have to try to get the other one to post at a later time the picture is not wanting to upload. It is a little yellow elephant outfit! and They are adorable!!!!

Thank you for sharing in my excitement, and for looking at my pics. I will post more later! Have a great day!!!