Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pictures... and updates!!!!!!

Today is the dreaded first day of school for my kids... I have the most AWESOME kids and I almost Cried watching my teenagers get on the bus this morning. So it has been a bit of a hard day for me here in KY. I can not believe it ... it seems like just yesterday... They wer in diapers... and carrying a sippie cup... and here we are... WOW!!! Time Flies!!!!!

I want to show you a few charts that I bought with my birthday money... Carriage House - Noah's Stocking... and Fredrika... she is just LOVELY!!!!

I have a few others ordered but they have not arrived as of yet! I expect they will be in at some point this week.

I am involved with the Prairie Schooler Exchange... (the link is on the side bar) and I recieved my gift today.... the most perfect gift... at the EXACT time that I needed my spirits lifted! It is so ironic... I heard about this exchange from Janet who is on the HDF site with me as Sonniedg... she gave me all the information for it.

Guess who this is from... WOW... you are good!!!! That is Right... Janet!!!!

I could not have picked a better exchange person... Look at this little beauty!!!!
I also wanted to update you with my progress as of 2 weekends ago with my Mary Quaker SAL (link also on side bar) I am meeting with my best friend tonight to stitch some more and hopefully will have updated pics for you tomorrow!

Have a great day !