Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Big 40

The Big 40

Last night My husband along with the assistance of my best friend completely SURPRISED me with a 40th birthday party. I have never had a surprise party so this was a complete BLAST for me!!! Wow... so many of my friends showed up!!! It was so good to eat dinner and be near all of my friends and to know that they all cared to be there with me to help celebrate this day! It was awesome!

On August 4th ... 17 years ago ... I was given the very best birthday gift that could ever be given... My precious baby girl. All else pales in comparrison. She is and always will be a Gift from God, and I amso very thankful that He has allowed me to be a part of her life, and to share this very special day together like we do!

We Had the party at a Local TGIFridays... and we had a blast! Great service and loads of fun!

My good Friend Patti Made me this Floss holder for my birthday... Oh my goodness... it is just LOVELY!

My Good Friend Rita gave me a cross stitch chart that I have been wanting to get so bad
I can not wait to start this one!
The girls that I use to work with bought me a Starbucks card... Yummy!!!! That is my favorite place to hang out! I love the Chi Tea Latte's!
My Husband and my kids gave me so much with this party... but I opened from them a talking Peanut stuffed toy from the Jeff Dunham Comedy Show. This is one of my favorites!!! and the nickname that my husband gave me years ago was Peanut... so it could not be more perfect!!!!
This was part of my table setting! Very correctly placed!!!

Even the girls at Starbucks after the party helped me celebrate with a VENTI chi tea!

Thank you goes out to EVERYONE that helped me celebrate a huge milestone in my life... My Big 40!!!!!
And a HUGE special thank you to my Dear Husband Mark, my kids, and my best friend (sister) Debra for all their work and the love and care that went into this very special night for me. I love you all so much!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday!

My DSIL had her daughter two days before her birthday...and I know that they enjoy sharing it is cool that you guys share that date together!