Monday, October 5, 2009

First Retreat Post

On Wednesday we left Kentucky around 6a.m. headed for Virginia Beach, VA and a Retreat with the R& R girls at Dying to Stitch. Myself, my daughter my best friend Debby, and a close friend Patti hit the road. We arrived in the Va Beach area almost 900 miles and many hours later... that evening around 6 p.m. We stayed a few miles from the Dying to Stitch shop the night before to get sleep and get started on this wonderful retreat... I will post more about my goodies in another post... and also about the beach and the findings and the excitement that happened while we were there. This is just a start and would be WAY to large of a post if I did it all in one post! so here is the start of the postings...

Upon arriving at the Cavalier in Va Beach... this welcomed us...

(there were 2 weddings that same weekend... and WOW were they lovely! Congradulations to these 2 couples and their families. They looked like they were having a BLAST!!!!) When we signed into the retreat... this was the bag that Ann, Pat, and Bindy gave us. It had out opening project, schedule, and another cute little project with it! I LOVE this bag and would gladly buy more of them! They are so nice with a handle on the top and zip closed! Thank you ladies for thinking of this WONDERFUL greating bag!
This is the View of our hotel from the beach... YES... ON THE BEACH... I am standing in the ocean taking this picture! If you look at the building our room was the 2nd room from the end towards the beach... on the 4th floor... it was WONDERFUL!!!!! we woke up to the sound of the waves... we were able to clearly watch the dolphins play in the ocean... they would hop and bob up and down. It was adorable!
At the end of our opening make it and take it project the designers came in and displayed the weekends projects... this is Blackbird designs showing their project.
This is the view from our stitching table... it was a GORGEOUS Room... hotel and view!
Here is Patti working on her Make it and take it! Beside her is one of our new friends made ... that I hope to keep in touch with and see again soon!
Will post more later !!!