Friday, October 9, 2009

Giveaway News ... You have to look!

I am starting tonight girls by giving you a link to another blog that I visit daily and ask you to look. She is doing a give away and it is AWESOME! It is a Breast cancer Awareness giveaway... please go and take a look:


OK girls... I have to tell you the stories of the WAY HOME from the retreat!

So we leave the Cavalier ON TIME just like we planned... and drive for maybe 45 minutes... and we are at a stop!!!! COMPLETELY!!! We sat in a Traffic Jam for 3 hours... and then finally found out that there must have at one point been an automobile accident! We traveled a little under 10 miles in almost 3 hours... WOW !!! Now we are behind...

The next even was in Virginia... where we were behind a truck hauling Cows... and was talking of COW subject... like "Happy Cows are in a Happy Trailer! " and What conversations they were having in the back of that truck... when all the sudden... out of the back of the trailer came this RUSH!!!!! and Gush!!!!! It was Cow PEEEEEE and was Spraying all over my car... SHEWIE!!!!! Oh we laughed so hard... What if our windows were down... that would have been so Gross... OK well about 10 minutes later a fella on a Motorbike...decided to get in behind this trailer... OMG... we laughed sooooooooo hard ... he had no bug guard... so if those cows decided to go to the potty again... he was in for a YUMMY event and some strange looks at the truck stop later that night. Oh we wanted to follow them to find out what happened but they both turned off together!!!! That would have been soooooooooo funny...

NOW... we are back in line and heading the course for our trip home... in West Virginia now... and all the sudden out of NOWHERE jumps out a BLACK BEAR... Yes... a BLACK BEAR... Looked to be fairly young... and a little thin... But he acted as if to Swat the car in front of us and then leaped over the back of the car... and over the guard rail as if it were NOTHING!!! OMG!!!! I have NEVER in all my years seen this happen. How cool was that!!!

As Dusk approached ... we saw all kind of deer... and even Coyotes that was as usual very fun... I love the wildlife.

In the darkness and winding thru the hills of West Va... many hours later... We are cruising fairly good beside a big truck with 2 carriers ... so it was a BIG truck. The front cab tires hit a Skunk... rolled him over into my lane... and wouldnt you know we hit him too... and he SPRAYED my car like crazy... Well goodness you would too... if you were just hit by a truck... rolled under a SUV and hit again... Poor fella... But now My car had Cow pee and skunk spray all over it! WOW!!!! what an interesting smell... when we stopped to get gas... YUCK!!!!!

OK then we hit Winchester KY and it is SNOWING!!!!! WOW ! We arrived at home around 2 a.m. and I was NEVER so happy to see our area!!!! What a trip!!!! But it is all good for some laughs!!!