Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mor Pics and stories from the Retreat!

Ok Ladies... as Promised... more tales of the R&R retreat!

This is me and my DD on the Beach... the wind was blowing pretty good but the temperature is lovely... the waves and the water was awesome!!!!
On to some more of the kits given at the Retreat... On the left of this Picture is the gifted kit that The girls from Blackbird Designs gave us. The first night we had a special get together and they talked of many different ways to finish our pieces and even crafty ways to take something that we had stitched and make more items out of it! It is a LOVELY kit and even has the lighthouse that we visited the day before that is at Ft Storey.
On the Left side of this picture is the kit that was given to us the second night as we all gathered for a "circle of friends" gathering... What a blast... finding out how all the retreats have been together... and how this circle of friends that we have been such a part of had grown and become the awesome group of people that it is today! Each person had helped with this... and it had a cute little acorn charm that Charland made for it! WOW is it cute!!!!

Below is the Retreat Piece that The Shepherd's Bush Girls brought for us. They also gave us a gorgeous hand made box and during the class they told us that theyhad brought us gifts...
They gave us the cutest little pair of scissors... with a beaded fob... Mine had a birdy on the bottom... and then they brought us a craft project... we made a little accorn pin cushion of wool... it is adorable!

This is a picture of one of the parting gifts from the retreat... Last year they gave us a Mermaid Necklace that Charland had made especially for us. This year the accorn with the circle of hearts in the center! Oh it is LOVELY!!!!!!

OK... so I have to put this little birdie pic in here... cuz he is a cutie Patootie... and also because He was probably standing when I started this post... and now is tired... and sat down!

This is the Welcome Sign of the Cavalier Hotel !!! see... Dying To Stitch! That was us!!!!

After going to the shop and buying so many goodies... we went across the street to Ruby Tuesdays and had the Best Lunch!!!! This is us as we first got there!

On the Beach There was a Ginormas (this is a word tonight! lol!!!) statue of Neptune with all kinds of sea life around him...
Here is my DD posing with one of the tiny little guys!
And Below is a Pic of us with King Neptune and all his creatures!

SHEW!!!!! I think that is it for today... I do however want to tell you all about our trip home still ... more for tomorrow's post!!!
Have a great night!
Keep Crossing those stitches!