Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Un" Random RAK

I have to post today to show you this lovely present that I opened today! You know there are some people that you know are brought into you life for so many reasons. This present was given to me by a Dear friend BeckySC. She is such a GIVING person freely giving us her time, her support, her work on all of the exchange groups, stitch assistance, her blog gives us inspiration, and she offers this all FREE with NO strings attached... to a Stranger who needs her. This is a trait that I hope I will one day excel at too. This is the reason behind why I called this post "UN" random RAK... Because this is not a random thing for her... she is constantly all year blessing people.
She is a Blessing to have as a friend, and has been there for me through so much this past few months. Thank you Becky for this, for all that you do ... and for This WONDERFUL gift!

Now... to share with all of you the goodies that I received from her:

I know she has this on her site... I think it is a Ewe and EYE design. I just fell in LOVE with it the very first time I saw it!

Isnt this little guy adorable!!! like a marshmallow

Thank you so very much... I am so lucky to have a Becky Piece to grace my collection! and it is So perfectly stitched and finished! Thank you for this wonderful gift... it has Made my day!
I THANK MY GOD upon every remembrance of you...Phil. 1:3
Keep crossing those stitches!


Maggie said...

Lovely gifts, lucky you!