Saturday, December 5, 2009

Decorating the Tree

The Day after Thanksgiving... My family sets up the tree. With me being unemployed again this year... It is a tight year... but I am trying to hold onto as many of the old traditions that I can ... It would not feel like Christmas without them!

This year is was My daughters Boyfriend, DD, DS, DH and myself. We watch Christmas shows while we set up and decorate the tree. It is Fun! Here are some of the Silly pics of the progress. Funny thing... I did not take a Finished pic of the tree... Maybe I can in the future posts.
As you can see... in the TV ... We are watching the MUPPET Christmas Carol show... I love that show... Whenever I think of it I think of the Rats asking for one lump of Coal to warm the fire Please... and Scrooge saying how would they like to be on the UNEMPLOYMENT line... They snap into Beach wear... and sing... "we're havin a Heat wave... a Tropical heat wave" I laugh so hard every time!
Every year The Kids talk of this weeks before Thanksgiving... They seem to REALLY enjoy decorating the tree... Maybe in the years to come this will expand to their families and we will be able to keep this tradition!
I am ending with a picture of my DD and her Boyfriend. They seemed to have a lot of fun... Dinner, Movies, decorating a tree, wrasseling, Goofing off... and CREATING MEMORIES!!!!!!
Thank you for Joining in on our day AJ !!!!! We hope you join us for many more!