Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another ornament finished this weekend.

I didn't get a ton of stitching completed... we did a mass stock up for the winter months food shopping day on Saturday... freezer chest almost full... stand up extra freezer full... pantry almost full but could have done more.  We did what we could though and have some things to carry us through the in between times of winter.  
Sunday... I fixed a huge meal(dd was off work)  and fixed a double pumpking pie... DH took me for a Starbucks run... it is cold and windy... so that warm chi sounded so good.   And it was! 

I did finish thhe hedgehog ornament... the two little ornaments... and finished a christmas gift (but I can't show it or they will know....)

I also am looking to find a Margaret Sherry chart of a hedgehog in a ballet skirt... I have a picture below.  I can't find this at all... am hoping to borrow, or if for sale.   I like her lil elephants too and can't seem to find them.  I was just introduced to this magazine... and do so love it.  Very cute quick pieces in it.  It is just fun!

Thank you for stoppin by... and taking a look will post these ornaments whrn they are completed and ready to hang on the tree.  

Have a great week... and for those about to go through the storms... my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.  Be safe... Hugs!


Chris said...

The hedgehogs are so sweet.
It sounds like you are ready for winter!

Denise said...

Wow - I don't stock up and I'm glad DH doesn't read blogs! He loves to have TONS of food around.

Your hedgehogs are adorable. Sorry can't help with the pattern.