Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tonights progress- Christmas Ornaments

YES... it is almost 2:30 in the morning.  The drs have started me on an antibiotic for the ear infection that disturbs my sleep... so I sit here awake. 

I have been able to start tonite the ornament I am working on for my grand daughter.  This will be her 2nd Christmas, and I hope to do this each year for her and for my kids.

I had planned to do a totally different ornament but this past weekend when I went to our Tiara Club Retreat... we had a free to a new home table... I was able to find this littme Margaret Sherry ornament in the 2007 CrossStitcher magazine.  It reminded me so much of that precious lil girl... I decided that THIS was to be her ornament this year. 

I have started itbon a 25 ct ivory evenweave linen... and am using the ccolora it calls for.  I have not decided if I am going to use fuzzy stuff for the top of the stocking still debating on that. 
I have included a few pics of the progress... and one of the front cover that shows what it looks like. This has been so far pretty fun... but a lot of half stitches, and different shades used in it. 

THANK YOU for stopping by and looking please let me know how it is looking. 


Denise said...

Oh that ornament is so cute! your granddaughter will love it!!
Happy Stitching