Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another ornament...

It is the time when I try hard to get all my ornaments finished.  I have several completed... and just have to do the finish work on them and hang them.  I give each of my kids an ornament each year... with the date... This tradition started with my grand parents... every christmas... I was able to choose the ornament I wanted to have that was mine on the tree... it was a memory for me... and it was fun.  When I started to have the kids my grandparents carried it on with them.  It has almost been a year now since we lost my paw... and I decided several years ago... that I would adjust that tradition to be that I made an ornament each year for each of them.  This way when they do finally get a place of their own...  they have a box of memories that goes with them from their childhood.  I have started this ornament but am not posting who gets what since my dd is on my blog... this way some surprise for her.  I am debating making 2 ornaments for Abigail each year... one for her tree and one for mine.   This way ... adventually when mom has her degree... and a place of her own... she still feels connected and important at both homes. 

I have just had such a hard week.. so many things in my world going on.  It is the 30th the one year mark from my pawpaw leaving us.  He was my grandpa... and my dad both.  He was fun... loving... caring... and was the one person that ALWAYS loved me.  There were so many times when he was sick ... I was just besides myself about how a man that was so good to all... and so wonderful could spend the last years of his life in this manner.  I would hesitate visiting because it was the only way I knew to cope with it all.  I would say to him I was glad to see him and he would say don't know why... I just lay here.  Not true... just knowing he was still in this world made it a much better place to be in.

I have been looking for a job now for several months and still have not located the right position.  I go to interviews... and am called back for 2nd interviews... one HR rep told me that I was against almost 300 applicants... wow... that is crazy. I know God has a plan... and I am holding out for what he has for me... but am just getting a bit frustrated and down about it all.   

Enough about the negative... I want to show you my progress I have made on the next ornament. 

This is another Margaret Sherry ornament from the same issue... it the most adorable hedgehogs with Christmas tree lights.  This is what I have so far....

Thank you for stopping by to take a look... please keep me and the job search in you thoughts and prayers. 

Take care,


Denise said...

Your hedgehog is adorable! I know what it's like to loose the man who loved you most. Lost my dad in Jan 2011. Not a day goes by that I don't still 'talk' to him. I'm so sorry you lost Paw. Hugs - Denise