Friday, February 11, 2011

My Heart has left my BODY!!!!

Ladies... this post is NOT going to be a GOOD one... I am sorry up front. You have seen my post about what has been going on in my life lately... Well a new chapter came crashing down on me yesterday... I dont know if this Chapter will have an ending for me... I dont know if I will make it thru this one. My doctors office today is concerned with the symptoms that I have been having that I mite have had a mild stroke. I am trying so hard to not lose my job... I am here at work today... but will probably goto the Hospital this evening to be evaluated!!!

My heart has been RIPPED from my chest. I have lost my daughter. We were always so close... like frick and frack... we hung out all the time.
Yesterday ... I get a call from my mom that Meghan text her from an odd number and told her that she wanted her to know that she was moving in with this boy at his parents house. She is wanting to play house. I rushed home... She did not say goodbye to her brother at all. He searched the house ... searched his game area... his comics area... the area in his bedroom by his TV, even in his bathroom. NO NOTE. He just sobbed... and cried.. he is 14 and is a big boy... and to see him this upset just ROCKED MY SOUL!!!!! My son is especially hurt... they have always been so close. He just cant even breathe ... and is crying in hs sleep... I have called his doctors to try to get some help thru this... and I am trying to make it thru work to get to the hospital to get help! The big thing is that this boyfriend is NOT even allowing her to speak to us. Girls... PLEASE ... PLEASE.... PLEASE..... Please..... put me in your prayers. and Meghan too!!! My precious baby girl... Jacob and Megz Senior Dinner dance night...
Mom and Megz Senior Dinner Dance Night

Megz at Macy's Her Nickname is "chicken" so this hat was just PERFECT for her. I should have bought it for her... But I didnt. Now I regret that !
This is the Hardest one...
This is Me and My Precious baby girl... I just can NOT even Breathe... I have loved her with my very SOUL. We share a birthday together ... she was born on my birthday. Last year for our birthday... we went together to Eat and Joes Crabshack. What fun! and YUMMY too. We snapped this in the parking lot after we ate. She had broke up with the BF she loved so much... so we were trying to make the best of the birthday. I guess it was our last together.


CalamityJr said...

I just found your blog through Edgar's (because I liked the title!, haha) and think God sent me so I can help hold you up in prayer. I don't have any great words of wisdom, but I can pray and send you a little note to encourage you (I hope). Take care of your medical problems, too, Dear. I'll be thinking of you!

stitchinpeanut said...

Thank you so very much for your kind words... She is still not allowed to talk to us. We have been told by him that if we try to make contact with her... he is going to call the police. I am just so lost... Thank you for you prayers... I have tried screaming as loud as I could off of our back deck... but I dont know that he heard my cries... I thank you again... You are such a blessing to me!
Oh and Edgar's Blog... He is so awesome!!!! It is funny how you can feel so connected to someone by just reading their blogs.
Thank you again!